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Achilles ATR Sport 2 Review

Achilles ATR Sport 2 is a summer directional UHP tire for passenger cars. It is characterized by the excellent grip and easy handling on dry and wet asphalt, good lateral stability and low noise. The Achilles ATR Sport 2 tire of 2014 replaced the Achilles ATR Sport model, in comparison with which its design has …

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Sumitomo Ice Edge Review

Sumitomo Ice Edge is a budget winter tire with a directional tread pattern, designed for use on passenger cars of various classes, as well as crossovers and SUVs. They are characterized by excellent traction, reliable grip and stable handling on snow, ice and even slush, as well as ride comfort. It’s a 2017 model. Pros …

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Doral SDL-A Tire Review

The Doral SDL-A is an all-season low-cost tire that provides good driving and traction regardless of weather and road conditions. Suitable for drivers of all types of coupes, sedans, minivans and crossovers, they are ideal for those looking for a quality tire at a fraction of the cost. The tires are equipped with a durable …

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Nitto Crosstek 2 Review

The famous Japanese tire brand Nitto has been producing high-quality tires for off-road and passenger cars for 35 years. A distinctive feature of this model of tires is their focus on motorists who prefer a truly aggressive and dynamic driving style, which is confirmed by the results of many independent tests and reviews of real …

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Federal Couragia MT Reviews

Federal Couragia M / T Review

Federal Couragia M / T is the best off-road tire from a Taiwanese manufacturer. In addition to its brutal tread design, the Federal M / T has excellent traction and incredible grip. The Federal Couragia M / T has been specially designed for the harshest of conditions. The aggressive block and sidewalls of the tread …

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Falken WildPeak AT3W Tire Reviews

Falken WildPeak A/T3W Tire Review

Are you looking for a tire with severe off-road capabilities, all-season versatility, and great comfort? The Falken WildPeak A / T3W tire may be precisely what you are looking for. Manufactured by the Japanese company Falken Tire, this model boasts ultra-high performance characteristics and a unique and attractive tread design that adapts to all terrains …

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