Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus Tire Review

Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus reviews

Those familiar with Bridgestone Turanza Serenity tires may have guessed that The Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus is its slightly improved version which has been popular for several years. It is an all-season tire that will provide you with good performance, stable grip, and a longer life regardless of the weather conditions. This model is designed for all types of coupes, sedans, minivans, and crossovers.
Despite the fact that this model has been on the market for several years, these the favorite tires of many drivers. However, this model is still available in select stores, and in this article, you will find out is it a good investment.
The tread contains silicon dioxide, which improves grip on both wet and dry roads, it also reduces friction, and accordingly prolongs the service life.
Many users refer to these tires as one of the quietest in their class, thanks to noise cancellation around the tread and a solid center rib that improves steering, durability, braking, and acceleration.

Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus rebate
Thanks to the aforementioned circumferential and lateral grooves, the tires have excellent wet grip and prevent aquaplaning, while additional sharp edges ensure good driving on snow and ice.
Inside the tire are two nylon-wrapped steel belts that give extra strength regardless of speed.
This tire model is sold in sizes 15-19 inches with a nominal speed H, V, or W. Additionally, the manufacturer offers its customers a tread guarantee of up to 80,000 miles.


  1. Good grip on dry and wet roads.
  2. Excellent cornering handling.
  3. Comfort.
  4. Long service life.
  5. Low noise.
  6. Strength.


  1. Deep snow and ice traction.

Overall thoughts

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This model hit the market in early 2010 and immediately became the favorite among drivers due to its excellent dry and wet grip, cornering stability, and good steering.
Who doesn’t dream of driving comfort? The Serenity Plus has the best driver reviews regarding comfort, ensuring a smooth and quiet ride.
The only issue that buyers mention is grip in deep snow and ice. The situation only gets worse when the tire has been in use for a long time. Like many of the all-season tires we’ve reviewed, The Serenity Plus is not designed for extreme winter weather.
This model is reasonably priced and at the same time guarantees excellent performance.
In the production of tires, the company used all its developments. This includes the aforementioned silicon dioxide tread compound for increased durability and good grip regardless of weather conditions. The company also used resonant noise suppression technology, thanks to the circumferential and lateral grooves on the tread surface.

Life-time indicators?

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In addition to the aforementioned advantages, tires have tread wear indicators that are located in the ring grooves of the tires. Over time, the tread wears out and the indicators become more visible. The tires will need to be replaced when the tread and indicators are at the same level (2/32 inches). It is one of the strongest all-season tires at the most affordable price. The company also offers a treadwear warranty of 80,000 miles for H-Speed models, 75,000 miles for V-Speed models, and 50,000 miles for W-Speed models. Prices for this tire model start at $90 and up.

How the tires behave on dry, wet, and snowy surfaces

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Despite the fact that the Turanza Serenity Plus is far from being a new model, it still has a good grip on dry surfaces.
It is worth saying that there are enough competitors among budget models, but the cheap price of Turanza Serenity Plus makes these tires more advantageous.
You should not expect the tire to be brilliant on sharp turns, fast starts, and brakes. But the Serenity Plus’s grip is good enough, it provides fairly quick acceleration, and the braking distance is not too long. Overall, the performance, as for an all-season tire is not bad at all.
It’s best not to race with these tires, but they’re perfect for everyday driving.

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The same can be said about driving on wet and slippery roads. There are already quite a few models that cope much better with such weather conditions, but the Turanza Serenity Plus is not far behind. The tires provide good resistance to hydroplaning, but, as mentioned earlier, there are now models that are much better in this regard.
Our emphasis is always on the fact that you shouldn’t expect great driving and traction on snowy roads from all-season tires. And if you live in a place where snow and ice on the roads is a very common occurrence, we recommend that you buy a set of winter tires, thanks to which you and other drivers will be safe.
Nothing prevents you from using this model for snow driving, but you must understand that traction during acceleration and cornering will be minimal.

What about off-road driving?

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The situation here is a bit similar to driving on snowy roads. You can use these tires for off-road driving, but that doesn’t mean your ride will be safe.
It’s worth clarifying that the Serenity Plus won’t provide you with good traction on slippery surfaces and inclines, which can cause you to get stuck somewhere
Additionally, you can damage the tread compound when driving on uneven surfaces, rocks, dirt, etc. Because of this, the life of the tire can be much shorter.

And what about comfort?

As soon as this tire model appeared on the market, it was a leader in driving comfort and quietness, and it’s all thanks to noise-absorbing grooves. If quietness is an important factor for you when choosing tires, then feel free to buy Serenity Plus. This is the most profitable option on the market. Noise may appear only during strong acceleration and at higher speeds.
Driving comfort is also at a high level. Big and small defects on the roads will not affect your driving in any way. This is one of the best options for comfortable and smooth driving.

Should I buy these tires?

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Yes. It’s a fairly old model, and the price is much lower now. And it’s not always what is old is bad. On the other hand, the company now has much better models that easily handle wet and snowy roads.

Customer reviews

Most customers confirm that the tires are actually silent, and meet all of the features the manufacturer described. Drivers also noted that the tires are not suitable for driving on snowy roads. But that’s to be expected, as all-season tires are not required to handle this function. Overall, the tires have positive feedback.

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