How long does a tire cap last? Is it safe to install it?

Almost every experienced driver has encountered such a problem as a punctured tire. In this case, you have to do tire fitting, because this is the fastest and most optimal way to repair. To prevent air loss, use a cord to tightly seal the tire. But a person with driving experience can avoid such an ailment if he follows simple tips.

To the question “how long does a tire plug last?”, Many manufacturers answer that, if properly installed, it can work for 7-10 years, but if it is a model with a plug.

Tire plug - what is it for

In fact, such a period often exists for reference, because in most cases it does not work out to do everything perfectly. This article contains useful information and will be able to answer the most popular questions on the topic of tire plugs. Now let’s scroll down and find out more information!

Tire plug – what is it for?

When repairing with a tampon method, this is one of the main tools. Outwardly, it looks like an ordinary wire with an interesting structure. It is a sticky object and under various conditions can increase, or vice versa, decrease, depending on the scale of the puncture.

The work is that after it is placed in the tire, the plug is subjected to pressure applying the shape of the hole in order to adapt.

It is important to consider that the material of the wire complies with all standards, thanks to which there will be confidence that nothing bad will happen after air is pumped in.

The plug-in method is very convenient, because during the repair you will not need to remove the tire from the rim. Even in rare cases, when, for example, wheels are connected, a tire can still be connected.

Tire plug

The duration of the plug

For a spark plug, 7-10 years is a very real life, but on the condition that the car is technically maintained properly. The same is true with wheels that can be repaired.

But still, the developers recommend not to overdo it in practice with such a repair. With the use of increased measures, you will have an impact on internal functions, and this will lead to destruction and the subsequent explosion.

If you do not have experience, then you do not need to rush to repair the wheels of a car when driving off-road. There is a service center for this. Drive the car there and consult with specialists on this method of repair.

If you want the wheel to last longer, then try not to drive often for trucks or vehicles transporting metal. It happens that any debris falls out of such a vehicle right under your car and damages the tires.

What if you drive on a flat tire

What if you drive on a flat tire?

In this case, the following circumstances may arise:

  1. Your transport will shift all the time to the side, due to imbalance. It is not recommended to accelerate strongly.
  2. This will result in high fuel consumption.
  3. The pressure on the disk increases, and the rubber can tear.
  4. The tire will be able to completely fly off, which will lead to a curvature of the disk.
  5. Possible loss of control of the machine during maneuvers.

In such a situation, it is better to stop and put a spare tire, and then do repairs at home.

Is it a good idea to “clog” a tire?

This method will only be temporary, and it is designed to ensure that you have time to install a new tire. The operating time after the sticker can be in the range of 7-10 years, or about 40,000 kilometers. Unfortunately, one cannot be completely sure that everything will be fine and there will be no difficulties.

Is it a good idea to "clog" a tire

How safe is it?

It will be quite safe with the condition that you move along a certain section of the road. Thanks to the plug option, it is possible to eliminate the loss of air through a past puncture, as opposed to a spare tire that has a short life.

Many experts, based on surveys, agree that the radial patch method is better than the fork method. Since it is suitable for all popular tires that are available on the car market.

The duration of this work will be about 30 minutes, while inserting an air hole using wire may not take so much time. Also, in order to increase the safety of the rubber sheath, in both cases they must be vulcanized.

Be careful on the road and try not to go around cars standing in a traffic jam on the side of the road. It may have broken glass or something else, so doing this is not recommended at all.

Is it legal to drive with a flat tire?

When you have repaired everything correctly and the hole is well fixed, you can safely move around by car. The most reliable moment to use is when a not so significant period of time has passed after the repair with the above method. It should be borne in mind that if there is a puncture near the wall or on the side with the wheel, then it is better not to drive. When the plug diameter is greater than one fourth of an inch (6.4 mm), new tires must be installed.

Obviously, this is also affected by the cargo carried in the car, exerting force on the wheels. In such cases, it is better not to use such tires.

To avoid breakage, try to avoid potholes on the roads, as they can contain sharp objects that can damage your wheel.

What to do if there was a puncture on the track

What to do if there was a puncture on the track?

If, nevertheless, the wheel was pierced on the road, and there is nothing to correct the situation and you have to go further, then observe the following:

  • Do not pick up speed, move slowly and carefully.
  • You can drive approximately 10 kilometers with a completely flat tire. Calculate this distance.
  • After driving a certain distance, get out and check the status of the entire disk.
  • Try to ride on a level surface, avoiding potholes.

So you can get to the nearest service station and have everything changed and repaired there.

Tire Repair Instructions

To better understand how the connection works, consider the following sequence of actions:

A leak must be found

  • Fill the tire with air, and check the pressure by hand, if the surface is elastic, then everything is normal.
  • To find the hole, use the solution by mixing water and soap, and then wet the entire surface of the wheel with it, the presence of bubbles indicates that there is a puncture in this place.
  • You don’t have to remove the wheel, jack it up to make your job easier.
  • After identifying the hole, use pliers (or pliers) to remove a sharp object.

A leak must be found

Drill holes

  • Sand the area around the puncture and then use the T-shaped tool to close the hole.
  • If the stain has taken on a circular appearance, then it is necessary to pierce the damage to the desired level.
  • With a small pin, when it is difficult to deploy, take a drill with a smaller tip and expand it; then treat the surface.

Insert the cord

  • Now push the plug in tightly.
  • When the pin has entered the required distance, leave about 2.5 cm outside the surface of the wheel, and then remove the plug.
  • While the pin is sinking into the bar, the end slot in the lug ensures a free fall.

Pump up the tires

  • Fill the tire with air again, but so that the pressure level is below the norm by 10 percent.
  • Use soapy water again to check for air leaks.

Pump up the tires

Remove excess

  • Remove the cement layer with a sheet of paper and let it dry, waiting 5 minutes.
  • Use pliers to remove the wire, but not completely, leaving about one-eighth of an inch (3.2 mm).


  • If the air sizzles, then check everything again with the solution, spraying it.
  • Return the machine to its original position by removing all accessories.