How long does it take to change tires

Estimated wheel change time

Car tire care is a complex and responsible task facing every motorist. After all, tires are important parts of a car, on which the stability of the car, behavior on the road, ease of driving, safety and much more depend. But some motorists do not even know approximately how much time should be spent replacing all the wheels of their car. This largely depends on the conditions in which the replacement takes place, on the situation and several other factors. On average, this procedure can take 40 – 45 minutes.

Estimated wheel change time

It must be remembered that discs are made of steel, not soft aluminum. It is not possible to balance a tire with a few grams of weight, but the imbalance itself is a problem when changing tires. All this affects the duration of the replacement of this element of the car.

On average, it takes up to 45 minutes to change tires. Of great importance is the set of equipment that is used in the process. It will take an experienced car enthusiast or professional mechanic about 10 minutes to replace one ramp. And a set of quality tools will reduce the time of the entire replacement process (4 tires) to 30 minutes.

How to reduce tire change time

How to reduce tire change time

Every car owner should know this important operation and be sure to learn how to perform it. Despite the fact that contacting the service is not difficult, self-preparation is always useful if there is a breakdown on the highway and you need to urgently replace the bad tire with a spare one.

You can start with the simple steps below.

TPMS check

Park your car in a quiet place. It can be a garage, parking lot, parking near a store or in the yard. Raise the wheel using a tire changer. Scan the TPMS to determine the nature of the damage and identify the problem. Based on the results, it is possible to determine with the greatest accuracy the time it will take to change the tire.

TPMS check

Careful and thorough examination

All elements and parts of the wheel should be examined in order to find and accurately establish the cause of the breakdown.

Useful advice: wipe the wheel thoroughly, free it from dirt, inspect the mating surfaces of the hub. This will significantly reduce the time of wheel repair (tire change).

Tire removal

Tires should be removed along with the TPMS sensor. In this case, all fastening elements of the device, the main valve, and the gasket must be replaced.

Assemble the wheel in reverse order

After replacing the damaged ramp, it is required to balance the wheel using weights weighing 5-6 grams. This should keep the car safe for a long time. In addition, tire pressure must fully comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations and take into account the time of year, weather, and air temperature.

Assemble the wheel

Check all tires and TPMS system

If the vehicle has a TPMS system, it must be activated and configured correctly. If the machine uses nitrogen, each wheel must be filled with the amount of gas provided for by the technical requirements.

When should you change tires on your car?

In addition to the duration of the skate replacement process, many motorists are wondering when to replace? You should be aware that when choosing tires, it is necessary to take into account certain dimensions that are indicated in the vehicle’s technical data sheet. An experienced auto mechanic will tell you how long it will take to replace tires of one size or another. Several factors affect the service life and replacement time:

  • car model;
  • tire sizes, their category;
  • the condition of the roads on which the car moves;
  • season, weather;
  • driving style of the motorist;
  • guarantee of tire service, etc.

The lifespan of tires depends largely on the tread material. The rubber surface wears out faster when driving on asphalt, concrete. In addition, increased speed also leads to rapid wear of the tread.

When should you change tires on your car

Helpful Hint: To accurately determine tire life and when to replace them, consider all of the factors listed above. Pay attention to the choice of models, your driving style, the weather.

Procedure for changing tires on a car

You don’t have to be an expert to quickly and correctly change tires. It is enough to follow the following rules:

  1. Choose a safe place and park your car. Turn on emergency. Put the car on the handbrake. Prepare the necessary tools, place them near the place of work.
  2. Place chocks or other heavy objects under the wheels of the car so that the car does not move. Install the jack under the car from the side of the wheel to be replaced. Use a screwdriver or the end of a wrench to remove the wheel cover. Use a wrench to loosen the wheel nuts without removing them. Raise the car with a jack so that the flat tire is overhead.
  3. Unscrew the clamping nuts, remove them and put them aside. Take the flat tire with both hands and remove it from the vehicle, set it aside. Place the spare wheel on the hub. Tighten wheel nuts by hand until tight.
  4. Lower the car carefully. Using a wrench, tighten the clamp nuts lightly. Remove the jack, clean the workplace of unnecessary items, check the tire pressure, put on the cap.

Procedure for changing tires on a car


So, how much time does it take to replace all 4 tires on a car – the question is asked. The whole difficult process depends on many factors. The brand of the car, its weight, dimensions, the ability to access its components and assemblies are important. Not the last role is played by the availability of the necessary tools. Not only the correctness of the performance of a particular operation, but also the speed of its execution depends on a professional tool. The right place for wheel repair also affects the speed of changing tires.

On average, this process takes 40 to 45 minutes. You can, of course, use the services of a car service, but the execution time will depend on the employment of its employees, the workload of the workshop.