Cooper Discoverer AT3 Tire Review

Cooper Discoverer AT3 Tire Reviews

Whether your car is primarily a family car used for everyday driving to the store, or you are dreaming of driving through the steppes or mountains, the first and major modification we can make is buying the appropriate tires. This is a tricky topic and when choosing the right tires, you have to ask yourself what you are expecting and what is your budget. Cooper tried to help you with your selection and produced the Discoverer A / T3.
These tires are tested, durable, and have an off-road grip satisfactory for this tire class. In addition, due to its high popularity in emergencies, it is easy to buy an additional part that will help a lot if, for example, we accidentally break the edge of a tire on stones. A tire with thick tread blocks works great on dry, rocky soil, as well as in mud, snow, and slush. However, it is less confident in rain, on asphalt. In winter, its properties are also not the best.
They are ideal for overcoming obstacles on the terrain, but it has its drawbacks in daily life, such as, for example, more noise when driving on asphalt, worse braking, especially in winter, a softer and more abrasive rubber compound.

Cooper Discoverer AT3 Tire Rebate

The tread pattern has been designed to provide excellent traction on all types of roads. Additionally, the tread has 5 ribs that improve stability and control. Zigzag sipes and grooves are responsible for even wear of the tread, helping to get rid of stones and pebbles. The tires are also beautiful in appearance thanks to the special ventilation technology.
Of course, for those who treat off-road driving as a casual adventure and prefer better traction, it is better to choose tires with lower rolling resistance and noise. The most optimal solution would, of course, be to have two sets of wheels, both for everyday use and for a specific occasion.
For people who want to ride the same set of tires all year round, these tires are the best fit. Usually, if the tire change is not followed by further modification of the car, we leave the wheels in the size recommended by the manufacturer, or only one size larger.
The size range includes models from 15 to 20 inches in the non-LT and LT ranges. You will also receive a 55,000-mile tread warranty.


  1. Excellent grip on all surfaces.
  2. Good off-road traction.
  3. Quiet performance.
  4. Self-cleaning mechanism.


  1. Can be pricey.

General opinion

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If you are looking for an All-Terrain tire with the best road performance, the Cooper Discoverer AT3 is one of the options. They work well on asphalt, both dry and wet, and of course in winter. The tires are good at cleaning themselves from dirt, provide greater driving comfort, are quieter, and the compound from which they were made has high abrasion resistance and is resistant both in winter and in summer.
The tires are ideal for overcoming off-road, slippery mud, and are also more resistant to mechanical damage. However, you must remember that in everyday use you may feel their disadvantages – more noise when driving on asphalt, it can be worse when braking, especially in winter.
The tread of this tire has massive shoulder blocks that provide good traction during low-pressure transitions, and a strong carcass cord construction on the sides for increased tire durability.

Wear indicators

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The tires have standard tread wear indicators.
Thanks to the tread, a contact patch is formed, the grip of the wheel with the road is ensured, and most importantly, the tread removes water, mud, and snow slurry from under the wheel, ensuring its better contact with the road surface.
Ultimately, excessive tire wear reduces vehicle safety and can lead to accidents. Therefore, it is recommended to change tires much earlier than when the tread wears off to a minimum depth of 2/32 inches.

Performance on dry, wet, and snowy roads

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These tires are known to perform excellently in very difficult terrain, mud, and rocky surfaces. They also provide a good grip on wet surfaces. Its off-road capability is underlined by deep cutouts along the edges and additional details on the side walls. The company also took care of reducing noise on asphalt, but when driving on such a surface, tires wear out much faster than competitors’ products.
The design of the tires provides sufficient durability and traction even in the most challenging terrain and in all weather conditions. Their appearance, as well as thickness the width of the block that promotes self-cleaning of the tread.
They pull the car perfectly without breaking traction and hold it in almost all directions in mud and sand. However, you should be aware that these are very heavy tires and noise may accompany you on asphalt at speeds above 80 km / h. The braking distance on the road in such conditions is terribly long.
Although this is not a typical winter tire, the sipes allow it to be used in winter as well. However, the disadvantages of this model include high wear resistance, hardening of rubber with age, and problems with the presence of certain sizes.

Should you buy it?

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Remember that when you choose off-road tires, you lose the comfort and confidence you get from road tires.
This model is touted as excellent for both asphalt and off-road and has a reputation for being durable and resistant to damage. In addition, the company promises that the tire runs very quietly despite the muscular tread that cleans well.
The price for this model starts at $ 114 and up.

Driver reviews

According to buyers, the tires do well on wet roads, although they are a little loud. The tires handle slush and mud well. Many drivers described the purchase of these tires as a good one.

Tire Sizes