Hankook Optimo H727 Review

Hankook Optimo H727 Reviews

The Hankook Optimo H727 is designed for drivers who appreciate quality and the environment, and who do not want to change tires all year round.

Hankook Optimo H727 Rebate
Introducing the new Hankook Optimo H727 all-season tire, Hankook Tire is the first manufacturer to meet the demands of a growing number of consumers who are thinking about the environment when buying tires. The Hankook Optimo H727 tires offered to consumers are a combination of driving comfort, cost efficiency, safety, and the highest technical standards.


  1. Good grip and handling on dry roads.
  2. A very quiet tire with a smooth and comfortable ride.
  3. Excellent grip on wet and snowy roads.
  4. Good warranty.


  1. The handling could be better.

General opinion

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The Hankook H727 Optimo all-season passenger tire replaces the H707, which offers excellent durability. Like its predecessor, this model is designed for a wide range of passenger cars with wheel rims from 15 to 18 inches. At the same time, the line of standard sizes has several dozen options. A distinctive feature of this tire is the tread pattern obtained as a result of the widespread use of computer simulation tools. In addition, Carbon Compounding Technology and Footprint Shape Optimization were used in this model, thanks to which it was possible to ensure uniform wear, long service life, and a high level of comfort.

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Since the tire is designed for year-round use on a wide variety of surfaces, South Korean tire manufacturers have equipped it with an S-shaped symmetrical non-directional tread pattern. This choice is due to the fact that this particular design is able to provide optimal grip on most common hard surfaces, from dry asphalt to snowy surfaces.
In the center of the tread, there is a longitudinal rib, which, due to the absence of tears along its entire length, is a single, one-piece element with a very high degree of rigidity. Due to this, the tire demonstrates stable behavior, especially on slippery surfaces, as well as excellent handling responsiveness.

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Performance on dry, wet, and snowy roads

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One of the particular notes is the thoughtfulness of the drainage system, which consists of four longitudinal grooves that accumulate moisture, and many transverse channels converging to the center, through which it is discharged outside the tread. At the same time, the longitudinal grooves are characterized by increased dimensions, which makes it possible to cope with the drainage of not only water but also snow slush, which ensures resistance to both aquaplaning and slashplenning.

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As mentioned earlier, this tire is designed for year-round use, which, among other things, involves moving on snowy surfaces. To ensure traction with it, the tread was equipped with countless S-shaped sipes. These tread elements, when in contact with the road surface, form a large number of grip edges, complementing the edges formed by the transverse drainage channels.

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In this case, the shoulder areas of the tread contain straight sipes, which perform several functions at once. On a wet surface, they remove moisture from the road surface, and on a snow-covered surface, they form perpendicularly located grip edges, increasing the efficiency of acceleration and braking.


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Directly under the tread is a two-layer steel belt covered with a nylon overlay. Thanks to this, it was possible to impart rigidity to the tread, limiting the amplitude of vibrations arising from the impact of uneven road surfaces. There are two more nylon layers under the belt, wound using seamless technology. These layers make the carcass elastic, which allows it to effectively cushion the impact of bumps on the road.
Another component of FSO technology is the design of the sidewalls, which have been engineered to provide a soft ride in addition to puncture and cut protection.

Driver reviews


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Buyers’ opinions are divided. Some say that the tire wears out quickly and is very noisy, while others say it is one of the best tires they have bought.

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