Infinity tires

Infinity tires

Founded: 1975 Founder: Shangdong Linlong
Headquarters: Zhaoyuan, China
Parent: Shangdong Linlong

Infinity is a brand of the cheap Chinese tires for all purposes. Seeing how nearly all Chinese rubber brands are cheap, very ‘productive’ and rather boastful, you shouldn’t expect anything special. And in this case, the expectations are true. Infinity tires are alright – they have their ups and downs, and you could probably find better options.

Who makes Infinity winter tires? Infinity has several summer, winter and all-season variants for many vehicle types, all of which are made on one of the many facilities that belong to Linlong (the parent): most in China, and a few outside.

The price is obviously the biggest upside – all Infinity tires are rather cheap, and this fact doesn’t always inspire faith into. In this instance, the key downside is comfort. The traction isn’t bad, but it’s not great either. The winter tires aren’t meant for the really harsh weather conditions, meaning they won’t survive ice and thick snow.
They are noisy, though – nearly all tires are terribly loud. Not only is it uncomfortable, but also distracting. The constructive characteristics, meanwhile, are pretty alright. Infinity rubber is notoriously tough. It means they’ll serve longer, but at a cost of having to endure constant bumps and rather awkward handling.
Criticism aside, they aren’t bad in general, especially for the amount of money you pay for them. But then, you really shouldn’t buy ‘relatively good’ treads in winter. The choice is yours.

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