Kumho Eco Solus KL21 Tire Review

Kumho Eco Solus KL21 Tire Reviews

Kumho is considered one of the best car tire manufacturers on the market today. The annual production of tires is in the tens of millions.
The Kumho Solus KL 21 car tire is an all-season tire. They are great for powerful crossovers. The tires combine high technical characteristics of driving, provide a comfortable ride, and are sufficiently wear-resistant.


  1. Performance on dry and wet surfaces.
  2. Steering.


  1. Winter performance.
  2. Comfort.
  3. Tread life is less than expected.

General opinion

Kumho Eco Solus KL21 Tire Rebate

This model of car tires uses the unique HDS technology to increase the wear resistance, which significantly extends the tire’s service life, as well as increases the vehicle’s mileage. All this is provided by a steel cord, which strengthens the entire tire carcass.
Kumho’s tire models use convenient technology to visually detect tire wear. The vehicle owner can independently track tread wear thanks to the R.W.I. Wear indicators allow you to determine the wrong wheel alignment or mechanical damage that can lead to uneven wear on the tire.
To help the car perform well on dry and wet roads, Kumho KL21 tire manufacturers add a special component highly dispersed quartz to the standard rubber compound, which improves road resistance and increases tire wear resistance. A special polymer is used to bond quartz and other components, which increases the elasticity of the tires.
Prices for the Kumho KL21 range from $ 98 and up. The company also provides a 6-year tread warranty.

Tire features

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The distinctive characteristics of the model include low rolling resistance. Manufacturers have achieved this effect thanks to the use of Silica additive, which was mixed with rubber. Also, the tread surface has a special pattern. The use of Kumho KL21 tires will allow owners of powerful cars to reduce fuel consumption, therefore, reduce the damage done to the environment. The Kumho KL 21 tires are designed for a top speed of 210 km / h.
Kumho has also taken care of improving the tire’s performance. They provide a good grip on asphalt road surfaces, precise control of the car, and also guarantee comfortable braking. The model has been improved and allows you to feel the softness of movement, and also has good acoustics (reduced noise level while driving).

How does the tire perform on dry and wet roads?

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Although the tires appear to have aggressive tread, they are best used for driving on dry asphalt. When driving on the highway, you will be assured of a comfortable and smooth driving experience.
The tire also copes well on wet roads. The teeth and sipes on the tire provide an excellent grip on slippery roads. If your city experiences severe winters, we recommend that you use a special set of winter tires.
The tire is not designed for driving on roads with deep mud, snow, or thick ice.

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Kumho Solus KL21 tires provide high comfort on the road. They guarantee stable driving in any weather. They are also reasonably priced tires that will last you a long time. They use the technologies of premium models, which once again emphasizes the reliability and durability of operation.

Driver reviews

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Drivers report that the tires do well even in large pits. They are not punctured or deformed. Buyers also noted that the tires have great treadwear. The tires do not fail even in the most varied conditions, they are resistant to aquaplaning.

Tire Sizes


215/70 R16 100H


235/60 R18 103H

245/65 R18 110H XL

265/60 R18 110H

265/70 R18 114T


275/55 R19 111V


265/50 R20 107V