Kumho Ecsta PA31 Tire Review

Kumho Ecsta PA31 Tire Reviews

The Kumho Ecsta PA31 is an ultra-high performance lightweight asymmetric tire since 2018, marketed in the American market as an all-season tire. The new Ecsta PA31 tire has been designed to guarantee its users high performance regardless of weather conditions.
The all-season tire Ecsta PA31 has been designed to provide greater efficiency and greater driving comfort. Low noise levels and very good cornering grip in various weather conditions are also significant advantages.

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  1. Dry grip and handling.
  2. Smooth and quiet driving.
  3. Short braking distances.


  1. Poor cornering grip.
  2. Performance on wet roads.

General opinion

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The Kumho Ecsta PA31 model was created to replace the Kumho Ecsta 4X II tire, in comparison with which the novelty has a wider range of sizes and speed indices.
The main task for the development of the Kumho Ecsta PA31 was to improve the tire’s grip on snow cover, which was achieved through the use of computer technology.
With a modern, symmetrical tread design and innovative rubber compound, the model guarantees the good handling, high traction and extended durability required for today’s high-performance vehicles, as well as a relaxed and comfortable ride.
The tire uses a special tread compound to provide adequate traction and longer mileage. Densely spaced sipes and large lateral grooves are designed to facilitate vehicle movement on wet surfaces. In addition, the directional tread pattern is designed to prevent uneven wear and improve tire life.
The circumferential and side drainage grooves, together with deep sipes, help to quickly displace water and snow from the contact area, which improves stability even in inclement weather. Reinforced center rib and rigid outer shoulder provide exceptional traction and stability in both straight and maneuvering movements. Deep sipes increase tire traction in snow and rain.

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Variable pitch tread pattern improves acoustic and mechanical comfort for a quieter and more comfortable ride, especially at high speeds. Wide contact patch and flat contour help maintain tire-to-road contact stability and extend tread life.
The PA31 protector is warranted for 6 years or 50,000 miles.

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Driver reviews

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Drivers commented that the tires have excellent grip and braking during very active driving. They are very quiet. On the wet roads, they ride as if on dry. The drivers also liked the good stability, braking, and handling, which is beyond praise for a tire at a price that is not high.

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