Sunny tires

Sunny tires

Founded: 2002
Founder: South China Tire & Rubber
Headquarters: China
Parent: South China Tire & Rubber

South China Tire & Rubber is the owner of the Sunny brand and was established in 1988. Sunny Tires was established in 2002, offering mainly tires for passenger cars, minivans, SUVs, and delivery vans. Currently, Sunny tires are sold in over 120 countries and produced in the amount of approx. 12 million sets per year.

Who makes Sunny tires
The Sunny brand was founded in 2002 by the Chinese concern South China Tire & Rubber, ranked 45th in the list of the largest tire manufacturers in the world.

South China Tire & Rubber, owner of the Sunny brand, was China’s first modernized and market-oriented state-owned rubber company. Sunny tires are developed in the laboratories of the Chinese concern, whose partner is the South China University of Technology.
As a partner of such a significant player in the Asian market, the company developed very quickly. Sunny tires did not move towards mass production – the company decided to use scientific achievements that were to quickly translate into the brand’s success when it entered the market.
Sunny brand tires are very high-class products that were created as a result of a combination of Chinese production facilities and scientific knowledge. Experts from South China University of Technology make Sunny tires very popular on the European market and beyond.
The company operates in many countries around the world, offering tires with very different parameters – the opinions of drivers about individual models are very positive. Despite such advanced care for meeting the latest standards and employing qualified scientists, Sunny tires are still a very advantageous choice in terms of economy.

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