Thunderer tires

Thunderer tires

Founded: 2007
Founder: American Omni Trading Company
Headquarters: Thailand
Parent: American Omni Trading Company

A brand that has made its hallmark solid and reliable tires available at affordable prices. Thunderer tires have good fuel economy and a classic symmetrical tread for a comfortable ride that provides excellent roadholding and stable, predictable behavior on roads.

Who makes Thunderer tires
American Omni Trading Company is a manufacturer of Thunderer tires. The constantly developing distribution network has allowed Thunderer tires reach almost a huge amount of countries, which is an undoubted success for such a young brand, operating since 2007.

In addition to popular seasonal tires, you can find all-season tires dedicated to passenger cars and SUVs. All of them are characterized by modern design, durability, and reliability, which is confirmed by the opinions of thousands of satisfied drivers.

Where are Thunderer tires made
Thunderer tires are manufactured in Thailand in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Despite its relatively short internship, the company quickly established its strong position in many markets around the world.

This can certainly be attributed to the wide range of good quality tires which, despite belonging to the economy class, can confidently compete with products from higher segments.
Winter models cope well with snow and mud, while summer models are perfect for wet surfaces, ensuring driving stability and a short braking distance.