Windforce tires

Windforce_ tires

Headquarters: China Qingdao, Shandong

Windforce is a tire brand from China specializing in the production of budget models for trucks, commercial and passenger cars. The company’s portfolio includes a full range of tires from summer to winter studded.
The brand products are made on the premises of Haohuo, which has been the leader of the Chinese tire industry for over 20 years. All tread patterns and specifications of Windforce tires are developed according to the latest requirements and trends in the industry.
Windforce tires are manufactured in factories in China’s Shandong province, where many similar production facilities are located. Windforce brand is known primarily as a manufacturer of truck tires, but recently the company began to produce passenger cars tires as well.
All brand products meet high European quality standards, so they are successfully exported to more than fifty countries around the world. The company continues to gain a strong position in the global market.
Windforce tires have been developed taking into account the high load of trucks and the requirements of effective work in difficult road conditions. These tires have an in-creased service life and wear resistance. Motorists appreciate Windforce tires for their reliability and good performance.
WindForce tires are famous for:

  • Long life and high mileage;
  • Excellent resistance to shocks and bumps;
  • Will help on off-road;
  • Can cope with heavy loads.

WindForce tire manufacturer deserves its trust with the quality of products and af-fordable price policy, that’s why it is popular in America, some European countries, and all of Asia.