Yokohama Avid Ascend Review

Yokohama Avid Ascend review

Yokohama is a Japanese company with over 100 years of tradition specializing in the production of tires. Products with the logo of this brand belong to the premium segment for a reason. They are proof of the highest quality, the most modern technological ideas, and at every stage of production, they are subjected to meticulous tests.
This is one of the most popular all-season tires from this company. The manufacturer promises that drivers will be delighted with the tire’s performance, durability, high comfort, and low noise levels. Accordingly, you need to prepare for the fact that the price of such tires will also be rather big. A set of these tires will cost you over $ 500. This is perhaps the main disadvantage of these tires (but for some, this is not a disadvantage at all). But on the other hand, you can be sure that the Yokohama Avid Ascend will provide you with high handling, good grip, stability at all speeds, and flawless grip regardless of weather conditions.
These tires fully adapt to your driving style. When driving slowly, they will surprise you with their comfort and quiet performance. But as soon as you hit the gas, they instantly provide a good grip for the drive.

Yokohama Avid Ascend rebate
After the results of many tests, it has been proven that the tires are not afraid of wet and snowy roads and, thanks to the tread pattern and three-dimensional adaptive sipes, guarantee you stability and good grip without disturbing your ride.


  1. Good performance on dry, wet, and snowy roads.
  2. Good handling.
  3. Wonderful mileage.
  4. Trial month.
  5. Comfort.


  1. High price.
  2. Some buyers complain about the noise.

How are these tires different from others?

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Orange oil was added to the rubber to reduce the rolling resistance of the tire. This translates into better fuel consumption.
Orange peel oil, which is used to improve tire adhesion to the road, is used in place of some of the oil commonly used in tire manufacturing. It is the most durable and efficient component this company has ever created.
Optimized tread profile with innovative block lugs reduce tread movement while driving and extend wear life. In addition to all of the above, tires have a tapered center rib. As a result, driving noise is almost absent even at the highest speeds. Only when the speed increases, a slight roar is noticed.
The tread features deep lateral and annular grooves that drain water from the tire and improve steering and traction, while 3D sipes increase tire wear. The multi-step tread pattern guarantees a comfortable and quiet driving experience.
You can use these tires for cars, sedans, minivans, and small crossovers.

How do tires perform on dry, wet, and snowy roads?

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Yokohama Avid Ascend is a guarantee of a good grip on dry roads. It’s worth mentioning that the dry handling is also commendable.
But if you’re looking for superior grip and handling, these tires are not for you. The same goes for sports cars. In such cases, it is better to buy specially designed models. But if you are buying tires for everyday driving, the Yokohama Avid Ascend will be just right.
We can also please you with the fact that these tires have excellent performance on snowy roads. Driving in such cases should be moderate and not too fast. The same goes for wet roads. You need to drive slowly, without unexpected actions. If the speed is suddenly increased, the tires will wriggle and the car will skid.
Don’t take the risk and test your tires on thick snow. This model can only handle a small amount of snow. Despite the 3D sipes and tapered center rib, these tires are not suitable for driving on a thick snow layer.

Are these tires really that good?

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Certainly. This model can improve the sporty grip and handling of your vehicle while still being a touring tire. This means a lot of comfort both in the city and on the highway. Tires may make a little noise when docking pits and bumps, but this does not affect the vehicle’s composure.
The Yokohama Avid Ascend, unfortunately, has the same disadvantage as most tires in this class. This is a loud roar during the speed increase.

How long can tires last?

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This is all individual and depends on how you drive the car. Orange oil and optimized tread profile guarantee tire durability. It is worth mentioning that along with the purchase, you receive a guarantee for 5 years from the date of purchase, or for 6 years from the date of manufacture, if there are no documents that confirm the date of purchase.
The warranty can be cancelled by:

  • damage caused by road accidents;
  • improper repair;
  • improper use of tire size, etc.

Tires are sold in diameters from 15 to 19 inches.

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Should you buy this tire?

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Yes, although this investment is not affordable for everyone. This is a good option for those who want a good all-season tire but don’t want to spend too much.

Customer Reviews

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Most drivers who choose these tires do not report any decrease or deterioration in functionality even after frequent use. Despite the biting price, customers were satisfied with the performance of the tires despite the duration of use or weather conditions.

Tire Sizes


185/60R15 84H
185/65R15 88H
195/60R15 88H
195/65R15 91H
205/65R15 94H
205/70R15 96T
215/70R15 98T


P195/60R16 89H
205/55R16 91H
205/60R16 92H
205/65R16 95H
205/70R16 97T
215/55R16 97H
215/60R16 95H
215/65R16 98H
225/60R16 98H
225/65R16 100H
235/60R16 100H
235/65R16 103T


205/50R17 93V
215/45R17 87V
215/50R17 95H
215/55R17 94V
215/60R17 96H
215/65R17 99H
225/50R17 94V
225/55R17 97H
225/60R17 99H
225/65R17 102H
235/50R17 96H
235/60R17 102T
235/65R17 104H


P215/50R18 92V
225/45R18 95V
225/55R18 98H
225/60R18 100H
235/45R18 94V
235/55R18 100V
235/60R18 103H