Achilles ATR Sport 2 Review

Achilles ATR Sport 2 Reviews

Achilles ATR Sport 2 is a summer directional UHP tire for passenger cars. It is characterized by the excellent grip and easy handling on dry and wet asphalt, good lateral stability and low noise.
The Achilles ATR Sport 2 tire of 2014 replaced the Achilles ATR Sport model, in comparison with which its design has undergone some changes. The design direction has been retained as it provides rapid drying of the tire-to-road contact patch in rain, as well as reliable grip in wet and dry road conditions.


  1. Reliable grip on dry and wet roads.
  2. Cornering grip.
  3. Good guarantee.
  4. Suitable for drifting.


  1. Noisiness.
  2. Winter performance.


Achilles ATR Sport 2 Rebate

But the central rib of increased rigidity has become double. Thus, young and energetic Indonesian developers have improved the directional stability and handling of the car at high speed.
In the first-generation model, scattered tread blocks were located on the right and left sides of the centre rib. In ATR Sport 2 tires, they were replaced by solid ribs with numerous diagonal notches around the entire circumference, which provided the tire with additional grip on asphalt.
The enlargement of the blocks of the shoulder zones contributed to an increase in lateral stability and manoeuvrability in turns at high speed.

Achilles ATR Sport 2 Tire 1
The use of the patented α0 technology provides additional grip when cornering, as well as faster self-cleaning of the tread in wet conditions and better resistance to aquaplaning.
The main role in the drainage of water from the contact patch is played by the wide radial channels and shoulder interblock widening grooves, which, when worked together, guarantee the high reliability of the Achilles ATR Sport 2 tires on wet asphalt.
In 2015, the Achilles ATR Sport 2 tires competed in one of the most popular Formula Drift drifting world championships.

Driving on wed, dry roads

Achilles ATR Sport 2 Tire 2

Achilles ATR Sport is a very interesting offer in the tire market. These tires combine seemingly incompatible characteristics: sporty character, energy efficiency and the possibility of year-round use.
First of all, the sporty character of the tire, which manifests itself in the directional tread pattern, the large blocks of which allow you to constantly maintain reliable contact with the road, and the directional design – to successfully resist aquaplaning. The center continuous rib is responsible for constant contact with the road surface and provides precise control at high speeds. The system of grooves, consisting of four continuous radial and many arcuate, stretching from the centre to the shoulder area, allow to drain water and slush from the contact patch, to maintain confident control on wet and moderately snowy roads.

Achilles ATR Sport 2 Tire 3
ATR Sport’s claims of the economy are based on the EcoSafe technology used in its manufacture. The peculiarities of the technology are not given wide publicity, because thanks to it the tire has a low rolling resistance, which reduces fuel consumption and also increases wear resistance. The possibility of year-round use is very attractive: it allows you to save on both winter tires and tire fitting. In terms of all-season characteristics, this tire is not in the last place. The tread has a sufficient percentage of the negative profile, which allows you to achieve good traction and grip on snow. But you need to understand that this tire cannot be fully used as a winter tire, and is intended for countries with a temperate winter climate.

The drivers’ reviews

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Drivers say these are excellent tires. They perform well on dry and wet roads. A cheaper price is hard to find even in China. The workmanship is excellent. Balanced not worse than well-known brands. One drawback – a little noisy on some types of asphalt pavement. In general, drivers recommend tires.

Tire Sizes


195/50 R15
195/55 R15


195/50 R16
205/55 R16
205/55 ZR16
225/55 ZR16


205/45 ZR17
215/45 ZR17
215/55 ZR17
225/45 ZR17
225/50 ZR17
225/55 ZR17
235/45 ZR17
245/40 ZR17
245/45 ZR17


205/40 ZR18
225/35 ZR18
225/40 ZR18
225/45 ZR18
225/55 ZR18
235/40 ZR18
235/45 ZR18
235/50 R18
245/40 ZR18
245/45 ZR18
255/35 ZR18
265/35 ZR18
275/40 ZR18
305/30 ZR18


215/35 R19
225/40 ZR19
225/45 ZR19
235/35 ZR19
245/35 ZR19
245/40 ZR19
245/45 ZR19
255/35 ZR19
265/30 ZR19
275/30 ZR19
275/35 ZR19


225/35 ZR20
245/30 ZR20
245/35 ZR20
245/50 ZR20
255/30 ZR20
275/30 ZR20


235/35 ZR21
245/30 ZR21
245/35 ZR21
255/30 ZR21
275/35 ZR21
295/25 ZR21
295/35 ZR21


245/30 ZR22