Kenda Klever MT KR29 Tire Review

Kenda Klever MT KR29 Tire Reviews

The Klever M / T KR29 is an OffRoad pneumatic tire with a high technological value. The Kenda KR29 off-road tire is a great choice for extreme driving enthusiasts looking for pneumatic traction with a high grip on rough terrain and fresh snow. The tire is highly regarded for its excellent grip on all types of surfaces, in particular, with wet surfaces and fresh snow, they guarantee high handling. The tire tread is designed to provide long-lasting, stable traction on rocks and hard surfaces.


  1. Excellent grip.
  2. Good performance on mud.
  3. Affordable price.


  1. Tires wear out faster than predicted.


Kenda Klever MT KR29 Tire Rebate

The KR29 Klever M / T tire is designed for professional off-road use. Aggressive tread pattern extends far into the sidewall, improving traction in mud and sand, as well as providing additional traction when driving over rocks. The double steel belt used in the carcass construction helps extend the life of the KR29 tires by increasing the strength of the sidewalls and tread. The tires are highly resistant to cuts and punctures and are also M + S marked.
Kenda Klever M / T KR29 is a robust tire with innovative computer simulation technology. Electronic quality control, the composition of new rubber contributes to maneuverability, controllability, cross-country ability. The special construction of the cord is responsible for the stability of the tires on difficult road sections. Convenience and safety at the proper level. They are adapted for everyday use on any vehicle. Anyone for whom originality and financial benefits are important can buy these tires.

Driving on dry, wet, snowy roads and off-road

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These are aggressive all-terrain pickup and van tires designed for off-road use, which will also be suitable on paved roads, where they provide the stability of handling and ride comfort inherent in the All Terrain class models.
Tires are not only designed for off-road conditions such as mud, sand and gravel. Their winter performance on snow and ice is also excellent.
Serrated sidewalls with aggressive design provide extra traction off-road and protect against cuts, punctures and abrasion in challenging conditions. The rim guard protects the rims from damage. The carcass provides additional protection against impact and puncture.
Interlocking tread blocks, aggressive design and high siping make the Klever R/T a good choice for snow, ice, slush and mud. The tread’s unique rubber compound helps provide traction and softness without sacrificing durability and wear.

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Kenda Klever MT KR29 is a tire designed to provide solid off-road performance without being off the highway. It is a durable mud tire that is in the lower price range, which is not an easy achievement when it comes to muddy terrain tires.
The Kenda Klever MT KR29 is a tire that performs well in tough conditions, designed for maximum traction, while the aggressive tread pattern and self-cleaning lugs remove dirt, mud, sand and gravel from the inside of the tire’s inner threads. In the case of the MT tire, driving is considered comfortable and road noise is good compared to many rivals.

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This tire does not fall into several categories. First, the tread guarantee is quite ambitious. Kenda tire have 60,000 miles warranty, but you can actually expect closer to 35,000-40,000 miles. The tire does struggle with rock formations and the snow performance is poor, or even only slightly.

Drivers’ opinions

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Most drivers report that the tires have reliable grip on both dry asphalt and wet road surfaces. They have excellent hydroplaning resistance as well as improved heat resistance, which contributes to the durability of the tires. Some buyers have noted increased levels of comfort, which is achieved due to the low noise and vibration of the wheels of the car.

Tire Sizes