Achilles tires

Achilles tires

Founded: 1988
Founder: Multistrada Arah Sarana
Headquarters: Jakarta, Indonesia
Parent: Multistrada Arah Sarana

Achilles is one of the more prominent Indonesian tire brands. They don’t really break the usual rules of Asian tire-making. These tires are cheap and effective at doing their job, although not without occasional flaws. For this price, a nice performance with just a few flaws is a very good deal.

Who makes Achilles tires? Achilles tires are made exclusively by MASA (or Multistrada Arah Sarana), a big Indonesian tire manufacturer with an international name and decent reputation.

Achilles treads are mostly cheap. Some of the worse models cost about $50, but it’s generally better to buy at least a bit costlier variants – $60 or $70 tires. These pricier exemplars are much better, the performance on these are surprisingly very good. There are still some flaws, though.
But first let’s go over handling. The grip on these tires is very well-done. They stick to the ground like glue, and even ice is mostly no match for them. That said, you shouldn’t expect premium-tier performance from them, and it’s better to drive casually and attentively whenever you can.

Where are Achilles tires made? Most factories used by MASA are located in Indonesia. There are no foreign facilities to speak of. Indonesian make is usually an effective one, although they are still limited by the inexperience and lack of proper resources.

They are going to last long, too. The usual mileage sits at around 40,000 km, although it’s not too hard to prolong this number even further. On good roads, the number can rise almost to twice as much. Obviously, the tread is made with quality, but the general toughness of these tires also contributes.
What it equally contributes to is the noise and awkwardness. They aren’t particularly rigid (there are much worse examples), but they can struggle when you need to get out of the snow tracks, for instance. The noise isn’t particularly bad, either. But it’s not good, too.
In essence, you could consider buying these tires if you’re looking for an economic solution and don’t care much for the comfort. They aren’t too uncomfortable, but there are much more pleasant tires to work with. That’s the problem. They are still very good, though.