Advanta tires

Advanta tires

Founded: 1982
Founder: American Pacific Industries
Headquarters: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
Parent: American Pacific Industries

Advanta is one of the many brands owned by American Pacific Industries, a big yet largely unknown tire supplier. They are generally cheap, and there are several explanations as to why. In some cases, it has a lot to do with the end quality of these products, but Advanta tires are alright overall.

Who makes Advanta tires? Advanta tires are manufactured by API (American Pacific Industries). Despite being one of the biggest tire suppliers in America, they are largely obscure, which isn’t a good sign.

Yes, Advanta are pretty economic in comparison to other American tire brands. You can get easily these for $60 apiece. Part of the reason why these tires are so inexpensive is also because they reportedly save on treads. The treads can be quite bad – especially on all-season models.
The grip is alright in dry summer weather, and even if there’s rain they’ll hold. But when there’s a lot of water or, at worst, ice – they won’t as useful, to put it mildly. There are better tires, of course. But for this much money, you can buy top-tier brands, and their tires will be even better.

Where are Advanta tires made? API has several key plants around the Pacific, hence the name. The key facilities are located in USA, China and India. Their Chinese enterprise is partly the reason why these tires are so cheap, in fact.

No, only buying the cheaper variants makes sense here. They may slip at time, but on dry and slightly wet surfaces they are superb. The handling is very good, and they are very obedient if the circumstances are favorable.
Comfort-wise, they are pretty good. The noise isn’t terrible, and they balanced good enough to not rattle during driving.
As for their durability, it varies. The sidewalls don’t easily get punctured, and the tread is resistant enough to last for several years. Although, if you’re driving, let’s say, overconfidently, these tires may come to an end sooner than expected.
In the end, you can buy these tires and they’ll do an alright job (given you aren’t driving them in snow), but there are surely better options. Purchase them only if you’re 100% sure they’ll fit you well.