Avon tires

Avon tires

Founded: 1904
Headquarters: Findley, Ohio, USA
Parent: Cooper Tire & Rubber Company
Website: https://www.avontyres.com/

Avon has been making durable and effective tires for some time now. The make focus on all sorts of efficacy and usefulness without charging too much for it (in general). There are several premium-grade tires, although you can still enjoy the Avon experience without overpaying.

Who makes Avon tires? By all accounts, Avon is still largely responsible for creating their tires. Cooper might be helping them with distribution, resources and technology, but development, design and assembly are a job for Avon.

Their collection isn’t too rich, but it includes various sorts of tires, including high-performance, all-terrain, all-season and usual winter/summer variants. The price varies significantly – the everyday rubbers won’t cost more than $60, but the more expensive options might be worth as much as $400. The price depends on a dealer.
Avon manufactures these in China, which doesn’t necessarily warrant quality. Brands usually pick China because it’s cheap to manufacture there. In Avon’s case, this (or perhaps Avon’s own issues) made these tires flawed in several key points.
Firstly, while the performance is generally very good, it’s sometimes worse than the competitors with the same price. Under usual circumstances, the handling is pretty good, but if the road is icy, wet or generally curvy, you shouldn’t lose focus. They can slip ever so slightly at any moment.
If you want to negate this issue, you need to buy more expensive tires from them or the specifically effective tires like their all-terrain models (although they won’t necessarily work great outside their main element).
Secondly, their integrity is pretty questionable. The top layer on many of these is pretty fragile, and the cheaper options can die pretty quickly if you drive over gravel, pot holes and other nasty obstacles. The usual mileage, however, is alright for the respective prices of these rubbers.
In the end, these tires are alright, but if you know a brand with richer assortment and potentially better quality, you should continue the search.

Avon Motorcycle Tires

Avon’s motorcycle tires are, arguably, better-made than their car rubbers. For one thing, they provide an absolute grip and security (it can’t be otherwise if you’re selling bike tires seriously). They don’t really cost that much, at least not much more than the average bike tires form the brand with this kind of background.
Moreover, the mileage is pretty awesome – the set as a whole can survive for about 20,000 miles before you need to change it. It is a good number, considering their good behavior in most weather and road conditions.