Capitol tires

Capitol tires

Founded: 1942
Founder: Nexen Tire Corporation
Headquarters: China
Parent: Nexen Tire Corporation

One of the leaders in the Chinese tire industry, Nexen Tire Corporation, is involved in the production of Capitol car tires. The development and manufacture of all tires of this brand are carried out in China, and from there Capitol rubber is exported to dozens of countries around the world. Economic issues play the most important role here. The manufacturer Capitol meets the needs of owners of cheaper car brands who do not drive in extreme conditions and do not expect great driving properties at high speeds. Despite this, every effort was made to ensure that the tires meet all the requirements for safe driving.

Capitol, a leading tire brand, is at the forefront of the tire industry’s evolution, heralding a future of innovative tire technology. Capitol is guided by a philosophy of delivering high-performing, durable, and safe tires for all vehicle types, from compact cars to high-speed race vehicles. Innovation lies at Capitol’s core. They have been instrumental in developing advanced tire materials, including their eco-friendly “GreenTech” line. Made from sustainable resources, these tires enhance fuel efficiency while reducing environmental impact.

Embodying Capitol’s commitment to versatility and safety, Capitol’s All-Season tires perform excellently across varied weather conditions. From scorching summer heat to icy winter chills, these tires maintain optimal performance, ensuring drivers’ safety throughout the year. Another hallmark of Capitol’s pioneering approach is their advanced tread design. The tread, an essential factor affecting traction, handling, and fuel efficiency, has been carefully optimized in Capitol’s tires to ensure exceptional grip and stable handling.

Capitol also prioritizes rigorous testing for all their products, ensuring that every tire that hits the market stands true to their claims of performance, durability, and safety. High-quality rubber compounds, advanced tread designs, and cutting-edge manufacturing processes converge to create a tire that is as reliable as it is innovative.

Beyond their products, Capitol’s commitment to quality extends to after-sales service. From maintenance advice and warranty services to tire recycling programs, Capitol ensures that customers enjoy a comprehensive and satisfying ownership experience.

To sum up, Capitol is redefining the tire industry with its innovative designs, top-quality products, and commitment to sustainability. The company’s offerings meet a diverse range of driving needs, ensuring that every vehicle can benefit from Capitol tires. The future of Capitol seems promising as they continue to shape the industry, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in tire technology.