CEAT Spider tires

CEAT Spider tires

Founded: 1982
Founder: CEAT Ltd.
Headquarters: Mumbai, India
Website: www.ceat.com

CEAT Spider is a tire brand of Indian origin, which was developed in cooperation with Pirelli. Spider tires are summer tires, mainly intended for mid-size cars. They are rather good for city driving, showing comfortable handling, sufficient stability on wet roads, and a low noise level.

Who makes Spider tires? CEAT has a long and rich history, being initially founded in 1924, in Italy. In the late 1950s, the company relocated to India, looking forward to lower-cost manufacturing and new markets. In 1981-83, it was owned by the Italian tire company Pirelli, and then became, and is to this day, a part of RPG Group, an Indian industrial and services conglomerate.

In developing Spider tires, the manufacturer was keeping in a lot of factors for the production to be in demand. They thus feature an effective anti-hydroplaning design that includes a whole system of sipes diverging from the central deep longitudinal groove. This removes water from the contact patch as quickly as possible. Excellent traction in any weather is possible through a symmetrical, oppositely directional tread pattern preventing the car from skidding on a wet road and under heavy braking.

Extra biting edges form efficient lugs which improve stability while driving in difficult road conditions. Spider tires’ smooth shoulders facilitate maneuverability with easier and more precise corner entering.

Where are CEAT Spider tires made? The company’s major manufacturing facilities are located in six cities across India – Mumbai, Halol, Ambernath, Chennai, and Nagpur. One more CEAT plant operates in Sri Lanka under the management of the manufacturer’s overseas joint ventures.

Using Pirelli technology including branded additives, CEAT Spider tires demonstrate good wear-resistance and elasticity, while their construction prevents uneven wearing. As practice shows, you can ride them up to 40,000 miles which is not bad for budget tires like these ones.

Within the low-budget segment, Spider tires are a really optimal choice in terms of price-quality ratio. Actually, you can buy one even for $20. Although they’re hard  to compare to more expensive tires by quality, car enthusiasts still appreciate them for their longevity, also observing safety at high speeds. Some positive reviews also mention the tires’ low noise level and good traction on wet surfaces. However, their soft sidewalls may cause skidding on hard turns.