Joyroad tires

Joyroad tires

Founded: 2004
Founder: Dongying Zhongyi Rubber Co. Ltd.
Headquarters: Dongying, China

 Joyroad is a Chinese tire brand that offers versatile tire models for SUVs and crossovers as well as ultra-high-performance summer tires for sports sedans and coupes. Joyroad tires are awarded international seals of quality, including an ISO 9001 certificate. The brand’s products have won popularity among car enthusiasts through affordable prices and faultless performance expressed in the manufacturer’s slogan “Quality of products is quality of life”.

Who makes Joyroad tires? Being one of the leading tire makers in China, Zhongyi Rubber operates facilities with a total area of 6.5 million sq. ft., having a staff of about 1,500. Besides, the company owns research labs in Beijing, Shanghai, and Qingdao. It exports its products to more than 40 countries, including the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

Zhongyi Rubber has developed a wide range of premium products, the most competitive of which are winter tires. The Joyroad Winter RX series is suited for SUVs as well as mid-size and compact vehicles. Offered in studded and studless variants, these tires are manufactured with the use of a special rubber compound that can withstand low temperatures, allowing good handling on an icy road or well-groomed snow. The tread design featuring a strong central rib with wave-like sips provides stable riding at high speeds and quick response at every turn of the steering wheel. You can pick up a proper tire, depending on how often and in what driving conditions you ride your car.

Those who love off-road adventures or highway trips may also choose the right tire, looking over the product range of Joyroad. The brand’s A/T and H/T tires, like MT200 and RX702, are designed to drive on difficult surfaces, whether rock, sand, or mud. The specific “off-road” compound used in them includes highly dispersed silica and polymers that ensures resistance to wearing, ripping, microcracks, and other damages.

Where to buy Joyroad tires? Many tire models of Joyroad are available to order at big retailers, like Amazon and Walmart, and smaller distributors offering different options for major car segments.

Although consumers are still shy to buy China-made products, Joyroad tires have been proven reliable and competitive in many regional markets. Browsing through retail offerings, one can figure out that they cost approximately 30% below the average market prices. This can be attractive to buyers shopping on a limited budget. While Jayroad’s price range is as wide as its product range, you can still buy a good G/T tire for $70, for example. Along with that, there are rather expensive models for sports cars with price tags of more than $400.

Jayroad is one of the few Chinese tire brands which have earned the recognition of car enthusiasts across the world. Not least, this can be explained through the number of models of Jayroad tires, covering many vehicle classes. Maybe, not all of them can withstand all the expected loads, however, this brand at least is a good choice for subcompact and mid-size cars.