Cooper CS5 Grand Touring Review

Cooper CS5 Grand Touring Reviews

The Cooper CS5 Grand Touring tires are quite versatile and fit a wide range of vehicles, but that doesn’t mean they have poor performance and a short lifespan.
In the production of the tire tread, silicon dioxide is used, the amount of which is four times more than of other similar tires. Thanks to this, you can enjoy better traction and good grip on all types of roads.
To ensure the tires wear evenly and last even longer, the tire tread has been designed with an asymmetric pattern and 5 ribs.
The company also made sure that the tires perform well in rainy weather, so they equipped this model with micro-grooves that improve grip on wet roads.

Cooper CS5 Grand Touring Rebate

Tires are sold in sizes from 15 to 18 inches. The manufacturer also offers a treadwear warranty of 80,000 miles.


  1. Good grip regardless of weather conditions.
  2. High comfort.
  3. Guarantee.
  4. Excellent value for money and quality.


  1. Snow performance.

General thoughts

Cooper CS5 Grand Touring 2

The Cooper Company is synonymous with high quality and reasonable prices. This has been proven once again by the CS5 Grand Touring tires.
You may be wondering what makes these tires different from the rest. This model contains a large amount of silica. Thanks to the three-dimensional grooves and the asymmetrical tread pattern, the tires are durable and long-lasting, as well as produce minimal noise while driving.
These tires are cheaper than premium brand products, but they often use technologies that you will not find in even more expensive tires.

Cooper CS5 Grand Touring 3

This is an all-season tire that won’t let you down, even in winter. During production, a lot of attention was paid to the tread, so the tire is strong and durable. With CS5 Grand Touring, you can forget about uneven wear.
Even at high speeds, the tires remain responsive thanks to the large outer shoulder blocks.
The tires have grooves and three-dimensional sipes that reduce the risk of aquaplaning. Also, the sipes are able to bite into the surface, which provides good grip even with light snow.
Inside the tire is a single-layer polyester shell and two steel belts with nylon wrapping.

Wear indicators

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TWI tires allow you to quickly assess wear. This is a tribute to the tire manufacturer for drivers who can be more concerned about their safety on the road. They are located on the tire in several places in the form of a bead between the tread blocks. It is worth remembering that you should not use tires until the tread is worn out to the maximum, i.e. up to 2/32 inches. At the same time, driving safety is sharply reduced. Optimally, when the driver changes tires earlier, thanks to this you can be sure that you recently drove without unnecessary risks.

Performance on dry, wet, and snowy surfaces

Cooper CS5 Grand Touring 5

Dry braking is a real stumbling block for all-season models, as when compared to summer tires, they do not have such a high safety margin during emergency braking. However, the company has done everything possible to get as close as possible to the performance of summer tires.
In the case of heavy rain and melting snow, there is a danger of aquaplaning. But the tires have good handling, lateral stability, and braking. The presence of large grooves allows you to reliably drain water or snow slurry, and also does not allow small stones to get stuck, which, in turn, does not allow the blocks to deform. Reinforced sidewall, steel cord, and additional double nylon cord increase tire life and prevent mechanical damage. The low noise level adds to the ride’s comfort.

Convenient and sophisticated?

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This is a fairly good all-season premium rubber with a good balance of properties in all weather conditions, dynamic handling and precise steering responses, high mileage, low rolling resistance.
Prices for this tire model start at $ 71 and up.


With the purchase of tires, you get:

  • warranty for the first 2/32 inches of wear;
  • 45-day road test guarantee;
  • five-year warranty on materials and workmanship;
  • the possibility of exchange.

Driver reviews

Drivers report that these are good all-season tires. They perform well on dry and wet surfaces. The drivers did not notice the premature tread wear. According to buyers, tires do their job very well.

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