Dean tires

Dean tires

Founded: 1923
Founder: David Dean
Headquarters: Louisville, USA
Parent: Copper Tire & Rubber Company

Dean Tires is one of the oldest tire brands in America. Until recently independent, it became a subsidiary of Copper – one of the most successful tire manufacturers in the world.

Who makes Dean tires? They do a lot of their own tires, but Copper generally helps them with materials and facilities.

Deans are more in the cheap category generally, although they have a lot of products designed for various tasks and made with varying quality and materials. So, they are all mid-class tires, although their quality isn’t too mediocre.
In terms of durability and performance, these tires give good results. They might not be the best, but they last long and grip the ground firmly enough. Deans do get confused in snowy or rainy weather, when the ground gets wet or slushy, but most of the time they handle very well.
Comfort is another matter entirely. The tires can occasionally slip, and they can also get quite noisy, although this depends heavily on your own car and its characteristics. But for the prices demanded by Dean, it’s a very insignificant issue. Deans are affordable in all of their variations.
It’s a bit hard to make any sort of conclusion, because these tires have some very inconsistent flaws. But if you want a few well-made rubbers for a modest price, Deans will do just fine.

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