Vitour tires

Vitour tires

Founded: 2006
Founder: unknown
Headquarters: Qingdao, China
Parent: totally independent company

Vitour is still a little-known manufacturer of inexpensive but high-quality tires for passenger cars and small trucks. As for the seasonality of the assortment, models for winter, summer, and off-season are on sale. Vitour’s technological capabilities allow you to create products of different designs using durable rubber compounds and computer programs for tread modeling. Due to this, the models are evenly abraded without skewing in one direction and perfectly adhere to the tracks.

Where are Vitour tires made?

Since there is little information about the company on the Internet, some people think that Vitour is a Japanese or Filipino brand. But in fact, the production is located in the east of the PRC. The factory is located on the shores of the Yellow Sea in Qingdao City, Shandong Province.

The tread pattern is matched to the tire series in order to achieve informative road handling and avoid accidents. Wide grooves easily drain water, mud, snow or sludge, and are also able to dampen part of the impact when driving at speed. The grid of channels also prevents noise and hum, which interfere with comfortable movement, into the cabin.

Who makes Vitour tires?

Vitur production is focused on creating good tires with an optimal set of properties, which are then shipped for sale to North and South America, Asia, Africa and Europe. The brand focuses not only on urban mobility models, but also off-road and commercial products.
Despite the fact that the company began production in 2006, during this time the brand managed to collect a category of regular customers. Basically, products are created for drivers on a budget who do not want to give up comfortable and safe travel, regardless of the weather. Each tire series is designed to meet the needs of the driver, so everyone can choose the option to their liking.
Those who have had the opportunity to ride Vitour tires will certainly not be disappointed in the next installment of the series. The Chinees producer kept everything that contributed to the success of the original, developing and improving those elements that required rethinking. The aesthetic values of tires are also important. The company made sure that their tires please the eyes with a more predatory tread pattern. Taking into account that we are dealing with one of the cheaper tires on the market, there is nothing else but to recommend them highly.