Dick Cepek tires

Dick Cepek tires

Founded: 1958
Founder: Dick Cepek
Headquarters: Stow, Ohio, USA
Website: https://dickcepek.com/

Dick Cepek’s tires have long been regarded as top quality off-road rubbers in America. They aren’t particularly costly or regarded as ‘premium’, but they are nonetheless made with outstanding quality. Sadly, they mostly concentrate their efforts on the home market, which means they aren’t too available abroad.

Who makes Dick Cepek tires? For more than 50 years now, the company is independent. They develop and manufacture all of their tires themselves.

There are two types of off-road tires fit for jeeps, SUVs and other all-terrain vehicles. The one is called Trail Country and the other is Extreme Country. Obviously, the latter is a bit more expensive, but also can boast an even tougher constitution and longer durability.

Where are Dick Cepek tires made? Despite being a worldwide name, they still create all of their tires at home, in America.

The former is by no means flimsy – it can suffer up to 70.000 km and beyond if taken care of. The grip is another great thing about Cepek’s tires. They are designed to hold onto even a very wet ground. It means you’ll be able to go over the hard terrain with relative ease.
Generally, if you need them, can afford them and know where to find them, there’s absolutely no reason to not buy Dick Cepek tires.