Delta tires


Founded: 1959 Founder: TBC Brands
Headquarters: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA
Parent: TBC Brands

Delta is a very extensive American brand of affordable tires, started by TBC at the very start of their history. Delta has a lot of products to offer, including the models for most car types and even light trucks. They largely have a reputation of a quality manufacturer with low prices.

Who makes Delta tires? As TBC says constantly, they use their own facilities to produce all of their brands, which should inspire faith in quality and that no brand will be much worse than their counterparts within the family.

And it generally pays off – the tires are fairly reliable, even though they don’t cost very much in most cases. They have decent traction and hold on for fairly long. The handling and the comfort of driving are two best parts about these rubbers.
They drive very smoothly and the driver rarely experiences any sorts of bumps or unbidden movements from the wheels while the tires are on.
At the same time, the wet ground decreases the quality of traction fairly substantially, especially on cheaper tires. The problems with gripping are pretty common, but they aren’t very noticeable.
However, if you expect some very harsh conditions in the coming days, you should use something other than these tires. They are good, but they are still average, and they won’t save you from very tight spots.
In all fairness, you won’t regret the purchase under normal conditions.