Doral SDL-A Tire Review

Doral SDL-A Tire Reviews

The Doral SDL-A is an all-season low-cost tire that provides good driving and traction regardless of weather and road conditions. Suitable for drivers of all types of coupes, sedans, minivans and crossovers, they are ideal for those looking for a quality tire at a fraction of the cost.
The tires are equipped with a durable tread with a special compound, thanks to which drivers can rely on good grip on both dry and wet roads. This is facilitated by the large number of longitudinal grooves that drain water from under the tire and provide resistance to aquaplaning.
Even though the tires are M + S rated and can handle light snow, keep in mind that winter performance is not this model’s strong suit, performance in deep snow and ice could have been much better.

Doral SDL-A Tire Rebate
Tires come in a range of 13 to 18 inches with speed ratings S, T, H and V. When you buy, you also get a 45k mile tread warranty.


  1. Reliable grip on dry and wet roads.
  2. Smooth driving.
  3. Good price.


  1. Winter performance.
  2. The tread life may be shorter.


Doral SDL-A Tire 1

This tire is one of the most affordable tires available today and will provide drivers with good performance on dry and wet roads without worrying about a smooth ride. Tires make a little noise, but when you take into account the cost of the tires, it is negligible. Rubber has passed many virtual tests using computer simulations, as well as a large number of real tests.
The composition of the rubber compound is developed on the basis of branded rubber and natural oils, which allowed this tire to remain soft in the most extreme frosts and not be too soft in hot summer. The tire has shown high levels of elasticity and durability in independent tests.

Driving on dry, wet and snowy roads

Doral SDL-A Tire 2

The tire tread is universal and allows you to provide the car with the necessary driving characteristics at any time of the year. These tires were designed for the European climate. The tread features an asymmetrical directional design to maintain excellent traction and braking performance on a variety of road surfaces.
Additional shallow grooves on the surface of the tread blocks quickly remove the layer of water between the tires and the road surface. Longitudinal and chamfered grooves, inclined at 20 and 10 degrees, are designed to contain and quickly evacuate water and slush, ensuring maximum contact with the road surface.

Doral SDL-A Tire 3
Deep, semi-open and closed sipes minimize aquaplaning and reduce braking distances on wet surfaces. The transverse grooves of variable depth and width prevent unpleasant hum, significantly improving the acoustic comfort in the vehicle interior.

Drivers’ reviews

Doral SDL-A Tire 4

Drivers note that the tires are suitable for car owners who do not want to spend time and money on seasonal tire changes. Silica based compound improves wet grip and wear resistance. Secondary drain grooves improve traction on snowy surfaces. Buyers report that the tires are designed primarily for regions with mild winters.

Tire Sizes


175/70R13 82S BLK


175/65R14 82H BLK
185/60R14 82H BLK
185/65R14 86H BLK
185/70R14 88S BLK
195/60R14 86H BLK
195/65R14 89T BLK
195/70R14 91S BLK
205/70R14 95S BLK


185/60R15 84T BLK
185/65R15 88H BLK
195/55R15 85V BLK
195/60R15 88H BLK
195/65R15 91H BLK
205/60R15 91H BLK
205/65R15 94H BLK
205/70R15 96S BLK
215/60R15 94H BLK
215/65R15 96H BLK
215/70R15 98S BLK


195/55R16 87V BLK
205/50R16 87H BLK
205/55R16 91H BLK
205/60R16 92H BLK
215/55R16 93H BLK
215/60R16 95H BLK
225/50R16 92H BLK
225/55R16 95H BLK
225/60R16 98H BLK
245/50R16 97H BLK


215/50R17 91V BLK
215/55R17 94V BLK
215/60R17 96T BLK
215/65R17 99T BLK
225/45R17 91H BLK
225/50R17 94V BLK
225/55R17 97V BLK
225/60R17 99T BLK
225/65R17 102S BLK
235/55R17 99H BLK