Sumitomo Ice Edge Review

Sumitomo Ice Edge Review

Sumitomo Ice Edge is a budget winter tire with a directional tread pattern, designed for use on passenger cars of various classes, as well as crossovers and SUVs. They are characterized by excellent traction, reliable grip and stable handling on snow, ice and even slush, as well as ride comfort. It’s a 2017 model.


  1. Excellent grip at low temperatures.
  2. Increased resistance to aquaplaning.
  3. 3D Sipe technology
  4. Strong sidewalls.
  5. Triangular toothed protector.
  6. Silence.
  7. Performance in a variety of road conditions.


  1. Rapid wear.


Sumitomo Ice Edge Rebate

Sumitomo Ice Edge tires incorporate the latest engineering technology from the Japanese manufacturer, which provides a winning combination of high grip in any cold weather, mechanical comfort and quiet operation. This enables the Sumitomo brand to position the Ice Edge as a winter tire with all-season versatility.
The model is certified for severe winter conditions. The 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake) marking is due to the tire’s design features, which are aimed at the unique requirements of cold weather.

Sumitomo Ice Edge Tire 1

For example, a specially developed tread compound ensures stable tire performance at low temperatures, while 3D siping technology maximizes the edge effect and allows Sumitomo Ice Edge to confidently contact snow and icy surfaces.
Wide sawtooth grooves dividing the shoulder blocks of the directional tread increase traction on snow and accelerate the evacuation of water and slush from the contact area.
The central tread blocks have a triangular shape, which increases the tire-to-road contact area and improves handling and stability on winter surfaces.
The optimal spike hole pattern will improve the grip of Sumitomo Ice Edge tires on ice in the event of studs.

Driving on dry, wet and snowy roads and off-road

Sumitomo Ice Edge Tire 2

Sumitomo Ice Edge is a winter studded rubber for passenger cars, introduced to consumers by a renowned tire manufacturer in early 2017. Sumitomo is part of a large Asian corporation for the production of iron, steel, machinery and equipment. The brand’s tires are in great demand among motorists in many countries due to the combination of affordable cost and high quality and performance characteristics.
The directional tire tread and the use of innovations provide excellent traction, excellent adhesion, dynamic handling and driving comfort on snow, ice or slush roads. The blocks of the treadmill were shaped into triangles to increase the contact patch area, which positively affected the responsiveness of control and manoeuvring stability. The three-dimensional siping of the tire enhances the edge effect, which affects driving stability and safety. The optimal placement of the anti-skid studs contributes to cross-country ability on icy roads and braking performance in the most difficult road conditions. The braking distance of a tire is on average 5% less than that of other brands.
Specially developed Sumitomo Ice Edge rubber allows the product to be used at high subzero temperatures. Silica and specific additives in its compound increase adhesion, elasticity and wear resistance. Due to the wide drainage grooves between the shoulder blocks of the tread, the rate of evacuation of water and snow slime from the contact zone increases, and the tire’s resistance to aquaplaning and sliding increases.

Sumitomo Ice Edge Tire 3

The Sumitomo Ice Edge tires are equipped with a steel cord reinforced with high strength nylon cushioning. Thanks to its increased structural reliability, it can handle any load and deliver impressive performance. Large tread depth and ultra-durable rubber completely eliminate punctures and cuts. According to the results of the tests, the duration of operation of Sumitomo in comparison with other winter models is 12% longer.

Tire Sizes


175/70R14 88T
185/65R14 86T


175/65R15 84T
185/60R15 84T
185/65R15 88T
195/60R15 88T
195/65R15 91T
205/65R15 94T
215/70R15 98T


195/55R16 87T
205/55R16 91T
205/60R16 92T
205/65R16 95T
215/55R16 97T
215/60R16 95T
215/65R16 98T
215/70R16 100T
225/65R16 100T
235/60R16 100T
235/65R16 103T
245/70R16 107T


205/50R17 93T
215/45R17 91T
215/50R17 91T
215/55R17 94T
215/60R17 96T
225/45R17 94T
225/50R17 94T
225/55R17 97T
225/60R17 99T
225/65R17 102T
235/55R17 99T
235/60R17 102T
235/65R17 108T


225/45R18 91T
225/55R18 98T
225/60R18 100T
235/50R18 97T
235/55R18 100T
235/60R18 107T
235/65R18 106T
245/45R18 100T
245/60R18 105T
255/55R18 109T


235/55R19 105T
245/45R19 98T


245/50R20 102T