Duraturn tires


Founded: 2015
Founder: Yanchang
Headquarters: Pasadena, Canada
Parent: Yanchang
Website: https://www.duraturntires.com/

Duraturn is a relatively new Canadian tire brand owned by a Chinese corporation called Yanchang (or YC Rubber). As expected, Duraturn produces largely affordable tires, although it doesn’t necessarily mean worse quality than usual for North American rubbers.
Duraturn uses, at least on paper, the latest cutting edge technologies taken from the top tire producers in the world (including the companies in Germany, Japan and more). So, it’s unsurprisingly that Duraturn rubbers are, in fact, done very well.

Who make Duraturn tires? Duraturns are built used the Yanchang resources and facilities, which justifies their relative affordability.

Duraturn tires are pretty cheap for all sorts of cars (and there are lots of vehicles suitable for Duraturn rubber), but it’s not their only strong suit. Several other upsides include their general comfort and decent grip.
The comfort has a lot to do with the overall noiseless nature of these tires, as well as their extreme softness. All of it translates into a very comfortable driving experience, but also into a problem.
The excessive softness means reduced traction. At higher speeds, the rubber can slip and misbehave. In addition, the grip quality deteriorates pretty significantly during rain, but that’s not too extraordinary.
In essence, Duraturn tires are extremely decent for their price, although they do have some nasty problems. In usual conditions, they are great.