Evergreen tires


Founded: 2002
Founder: Sailun
Headquarters: Shanghai, China
Parent: Sailun
Website: http://www.evergreentyre.com/

Evergreen is a small brand within the larger family of Chinese tire manufacturers called Sailun. They are all generally similar in their strife to provide reliable and cheap tires, although Evergreen’s knack is to be as friendly to the environment as possible. As such, they use safer materials and employ more environmentally friendly practices at work.
Whether they are efficient at doing this is unclear, but you might considering buying these if you’re looking for the inexpensive and safe (as claimed) tires that won’t harm nature too much after being discarded. Buying safe products won’t cost you much – they aren’t costlier than your average Chinese tires.
In technical terms, their key upside is their durability. They can suffer for as much as 40.000 km on average. It is, no doubt, also an attempt to be more consider to nature from Evergreen’s perspective. Consequentially, their tires serve very long.
But as for their actual quality, they aren’t flawless. For one, the grip can slip very noticeably when on wet ground. The dry surfaces are fine, the tires behave very well on these, but the wet makes you lose traction. The same goes for slush and snow during winter, although their winter options are much better in this case.
The comfort of driving is alright. They are often almost noiseless. Even if they weren’t, the price pays off all their comfort insecurities. Evergreen tires are decent, all things considered.