Fulda tires


Founded: 1906
Founder: Goodyear
Headquarters: Germany
Parent: Goodyear
Website: https://www.fulda.com

The German brand Fulda has one of the longest histories in the industry. The company, founded in 1900, from the very beginning dealt with the production of rubber products, including bicycle tires, and finally turned into a real specialist in car tires. Today, Fulda – as a representative of the mid-range segment, stands out for its excellent ratio of high-quality and affordable models to its offer.
Tires with the brand’s logo are versatile products aimed at drivers of passenger cars, including demanding SUVs, as well as delivery vans and trucks. They are characterized by high durability and balanced parameters, thanks to which, regardless of the weather, overcoming the planned route will be combined with a feeling of full control over the situation. Predictable tires mean confident handling for more driving pleasure.
One of the most popular Fulda models is the Kristall series, adapted to difficult winter conditions. The entire range includes tires that will surely satisfy the average driver, as well as tires designed for high-power or 4×4 vehicles. Among the tires for the summer, the EcoControl series is the leader, in which the emphasis is not only on very good driving parameters but also economy and ecology.