Hifly tires


Founded: 2007 Founder: Unicorn Tire
Headquarters: Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Parent: Unicorn Tire
Website: https://www.herculestire.com/

Hilfy are self-styled as generally higher-performance tires made in America. They are largely considered a cheap option, and it’s widely known that their creation process might be more responsible and thorough. Still, if the end result pays off, there should be no reason to complain, right?

Who makes Hifly tires? Hifly make their products themselves, by all accounts. However, the tires are distributed by the company called Unicorn Tire – therefore it’s with them you’ll be having the most contact.

For American tires, they are very cheap. It is an advantage, but only if they provide great driving experience, and that’s a controversial subject. Most of them are definitely not the promised high-performance models, but they are poorly made in general.
The grip is one thing – they can handle very awkwardly at times, especially on wet terrain. But the carcass itself is highly defective. It’s not done thoroughly, hence the balancing, handling and durability issues. But that’s what you get for buying cheap, evidently.
The only definitely great thing about them is the comfort of driving (under ideal conditions). Firstly, it’s almost noiseless. Secondly, it’s very smooth, meaning you won’t feel any bumps or whatever else the wheels meet (to better or worse). It also contributes to low durability, moreover.
While it’s good to enjoy comfort while driving, they aren’t very effective tires. The price doesn’t off-set these issues, and it’s better to avoid these rubbers altogether.