Ironman tires

Ironman tires

Founded: 1952 Founder: Hercules Tire and Rubber Company
Headquarters: Findlay, Ohio, USA
Parent: Hercules Tire and Rubber Company

Ironman tires are well-known in America, and it’s also well-known that this choice can be very tricky, given that some of their tires are very good, while some are trash. Given that they are amongst the most common tire brands in America (and fairly common in other places), you will find a lot of them in market.
They produce a lot of different sorts of tires (for passenger cars, SUVs, winter, all-season, mud tires & more). You can partially base your choice on excluding some categories from the roaster.
For instance, their mud tires and winter treads are very good, while some all-season products can be atrocious.
The grip is the major problem. While the ‘all-country’ candidates can take you wherever from harsh terrain to usual roads, and winter tires behave well on slippery and dry surfaces alike, the all-seasons give up in very uncanny ways.
Some (like iMove Gen2) give up on dry ground, while moving very well on wet ground. Others (like RB-12) work in contrary – they give up during rains and snowfalls, but drive perfectly fine in nice weather.
If you are to choose one of these candidates, you have to go through the reviews for each individual option and see if there are any problems. Several of them are plainly dangerous, and you’ll notice if something’s amiss very quickly (be that on the move or while going through the reviews).

Who makes Ironman tires? Hercules is responsible for making Ironman tires, and that’s surprising, given how most of their own tires provide a very good performance.

Barring the grip problems on some of these, these tires are fairly durable in general, although some of them (like the light truck or commercial models) are bound to be even more durable, owing to their better and harder treads. The usual Ironmans can make 25k miles and beyond.

Where are Ironman tires made? These are made in America using the American mud-traversing technologies. Still, given how Hercules is generally very efficient at making tires, some of them are obviously flawed from development.

In all other aspects, they don’t have any significant flaws. They aren’t too loud, and even the cheaper models aren’t too easy to puncture. You could say they are very reliable and comfortable to drive with. The price can sometimes be too high, but that’s the cost of having good treads.
All things considered, Ironmans are extremely good, barring the few flawed and dangerous options.