Jinyu tires


Founded: 1995 Founder: Shandong Jinyu
Headquarters: Dondying, China
Parent: Shandong Jinyu
Website: http://en.jinyutires.com/

Jinyu tires are nothing special for the Chinese market. They are cheap and made to last you a few seasons, but that’s it. These aren’t designed for tough environment, just the usual roads with maybe a bit of rain. If it’s the winter model, they aren’t going to be very stable in thick deep snow, but the usual amounts are fine.
Jinyu is relatively new to the market, but they are very active. Like all Chinese, they expand mercilessly and you can find these in almost all states in America and all countries in Europe. A lot of people enjoy them, seeing how affordable and reasonably enduring they are. But that’s pretty much the only real advantage.
There is another possible upside – the extreme softness of these tires. That, however, can very quickly turn into a downside. Jinyu aren’t very strong, they can be killed off with a single deep pit or debris aimed at the sidewall. But at least you aren’t going to feel bumps and debris in front of you with these.
The handling and traction are good, but excessive wetness, snow and slush (for winter options) destabilize your car very quickly with them on.
Jinyu are great temporary tires. If you don’t feel secure in money department, they are great. But don’t expect them to give you much more than what they’re worth in dollars.