Kumho Crugen HT51 Tire Review

Kumho Crugen HT51 Tire Reviews

In the assortment of the South Korean tire brand Kumho, you can see a lot of different models for all possible types of vehicles. For vehicles with a high center of gravity, as well as commercial vehicles (vans, pickups, small vans, and trucks), the manufacturer offers the wear-resistant all-season tires Kumho Crugen HT51. The model entered the market in 2016 and replaced the famous Kumho KL 51 Road Ventura APT tires.
Thanks to its versatility, it guarantees easy handling and good directional stability at high speeds, ride comfort, and first-class grip in wet and dry road conditions, including shallow snow.


  1. The grip on dry and wet roads.
  2. Track performance.
  3. Treadlife.


  1. Deep snow and ice traction

General opinion

The Kumho Crugen HT51 all-season rubber was developed for drivers of light pickup trucks, vans, crossovers, and SUVs to provide maximum durability, a comfortable ride, and easy handling. Kumho has used the most advanced technology and materials to develop the custom tire.
The design of the tread pattern is made up of four symmetrically located longitudinal grooves, which, together with the improved shape of the blocks, made it possible to increase the tire’s resource. Rigid tire center blocks provide directional stability, good traction, and first-class handling. Kumho Krugen XT51 tires have an excellent grip on snowy roads thanks to 3D sipes. Accelerated drainage of water is carried out by zigzag grooves, thus increasing safety in adverse weather conditions.The inner structure of the rubber is made up of a two-layer polyester cord for improved ride quality and increased durability. Two wide steel belts located at the top of the rubber shell and reinforced with two nylon cords provide durability and stability at high speeds.

Performance on dry, wet, and snowy roads

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When developing an all-season model, the manufacturer made sure that the tire compound was able to provide a decent grip on dry and wet tracks. The composition of the polymer mixture includes special heat-resistant additives that do not allow the tire to freeze when it gets cold. Staying flexible in any weather, Kumho Crugen HT51 rubber stays in close contact with any road surface (even asphalt covered with snow).
This feature of tires allows motorists to use them effectively throughout the year, provided that the temperature does not drop below -5 degrees Celsius in winter. That is, the year-round operation is possible only in regions with a mild climate.


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A universal compound that perfectly tolerates temperature extremes and is highly durable (especially in the shoulder area). Tires withstand heavy use and long-distance travel. In addition, the model guarantees the driver excellent handling at high speed, stability on straight sections of the road, and precise cornering (directional and lateral stability).

Off-road performance?

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Another good thing about the Kumho Crugen HT51 is that the tire offers impressive performance on soft terrain. The tire is far from omnipotent, but it can handle gravel, sand, and dirt roads with ease.
Buy Kumho Crugen HT51 tires for those drivers who spend most of their time in the city or move on relatively flat roads. Prices for the Kumho Crugen HT51 start from $ 89 and up. The company provides a 6-year or 70,000 miles tread warranty for the P-metric tread and 45,000 miles for the Crugen HT51 LT.

Drivers’ reviews

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Drivers recommend these tires on all crossovers and SUVs for asphalt and light off-road applications. Kumho Crugen HT51 is an excellent tire, with no noise on the asphalt, no noise or hum, the course keeps clear, the pattern is suitable for a primer and water. In general, drivers say that this is excellent rubber for its price.

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