Lionhart tires


Founded: 2015
Founder: Lionhart Tires
Headquarters: Inwindale, California, USA

Lionhart tires are a new addition to the American market. Unlike many of their colleagues, they hold value to the highest extent. In this instance, it means you’ll be able to buy a few tires and then long enough for them to pay off the cost. And it seems to work rather well.

Who makes Lionhart tires? It’s unknown whether they are a full subsidiary of one company or another. As such, they are mostly forced to use their own facilities and resources – rented or built from scratch.

They handle well, first of all. They aren’t specifically high-performance tires, and you shouldn’t treat them like such. The traction is decent in most weather conditions, although they may give in a bit on wet and snow (for summer and winter models, respectively).

Where are Lionhart tires made? It’s been known for a very long time that Lionhart products are being manufactured in China, which isn’t a bad thing, per se. It means lower cost of a tire for them and you.

The durability and price are their key upsides. The pricing isn’t low, per se, but it’s still affordable or sometimes average (in relation to the pricelists of big companies). For this price, you get several seasons of use – 20k miles at bare minimum.
Overall, Lionharts are worth buying if you can get your hands on them. The characteristics aren’t much worse than on tires from big companies, like Continental or Michelin, while the price is lower.