Mastercraft tires

Mastercraft tires

Founded: 1914
Founder: Cooper Tire and Rubber Company
Headquarters: Findlay, Ohio, USA
Parent: Cooper Tire and Rubber Company

Under the patronage of Cooper, Mastercraft have been making car tires of exquisite quality for a long time now. This doesn’t mean they are premium tires, per se, but it does mean that Mastercraft is great for those who want to control the position of their tires at all times.

Who makes Mastercraft tires? It’s a common knowledge that Mastercraft still make their tires on the facilities they own themselves, although they are consulted by Cooper all the time, which gives them an enormous edge in technology.

The principles by which Mastercraft makes their tires are reliability, accessibility and quality. There are a lot of tires to select from, but they all have something in common –namely, control and toughness.

Who sells Mastercraft tires? The brand sells their tires through a series of dealers. There, the tires are transported with the help from Cooper, but all the contact the buyers are having is with dealers or Mastercraft themselves.

There are almost no summer tires, strictly speaking – the emphasis is on all-season, winter and mud tires. The traction is virtually superb, although they can misbehave in snow and ice on the off-road.
Regardless of all these advantages, these tires are particularly expensive. They don’t cost much more than usual tires in all the covered categories. And if you buy one of their many tires, you’re in for a long ride, because these treads don’t want to die at all.
The average mileage count is going to 50,000 miles, and that’s only a warranted distance. It means that it’s a bare minimum for a lot of these tires.

Where are Mastercraft tires made? Most stages of development and creation are conducted on Cooper facilities all across the Unites States, but Mastercraft has a say in these matters, meaning the tires are always unique and true to the principles of Mastercraft.

There are flaws, of course – these tires are not perfect. For instance, they are extremely tough, which means you’ll feel every uneven thing the wheel meets on its path. They are also much louder than most would like, which inherently reduces the comfort of driving in these.
They are cheaper than regular tires of their respective categories, after all. They are bound to have some flaws. However, even with these downsides, the Mastercraft tires are good. The grip doesn’t let you down most of the time, and they are going to stay with you for some years.
If you happen to need the mud tires or otherwise tires with good traction, these would be a good choice. They are a budget option, but it doesn’t mean they are bad – far from it.