Maxtrek tires

Maxtrek tires

Founded: 2006
Founder: Zhaoqing Junhong
Headquarters: Zhaoqing, China
Parent: Zhaoqing, Junhong

Maxtrek have a rich selection of all sorts of tires, despite being pretty new to the market. They do claim to have inherited a lot of Junhong technology, but it’s still worrying that they have so many tires for the taking at such a low average price.

Who makes Maxtrek tires? It’s obvious their parent Junhong is responsible for all practical steps of tire-making. They also help with development, which isn’t reassuring considering Junhong doesn’t have much of a reputation outside China.

Many of their tires have similar problems and upsides, so it’s pretty easy to condense the information into a few statements.
First of all, they have severe grip problems. Summer tires struggle in wet, while the winter models struggle everywhere besides snow. Needless to say, the tires need to be way more versatile than that.
The small flaws could be dismissed, given their extremely low pricing, but a lot of these rubbers are simply ineffective. They usually don’t do more than the bare minimum of what’s asked of them, and you can’t guarantee ideal road and weather conditions so that they wouldn’t suffer.
Maxtrek products also produce too much noise, and it’s unclear whether the imbalance or the construction is to blame.
Maxtrek are cheap and accessible tires, but not really advisable for driving, except in extremely good weather.

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