Mazzini tires

Mazzini tires

Founded: 2002
Founder: Best Choice International
Headquarters: Beijing, China
Parent: Best Choice International

Mazzini is not an Italian brand, contrary to what their name suggests. Despite this obvious false advertising, these Chinese tires still perform very well. They aren’t top of their class, but for this price one can forgive a lot of flaws.

Who makes Mazzini tires? Mazzini products are manufactures solely using the Chinese resources of the Beijing-based ‘Best Choice’. So, they don’t really use any European materials or tech, but that’s also what makes them so cheap.

Despite being staunchly in the affordable category, Mazzini tires aren’t lagging behind in quality too much. The grip is decent, but they still can let the ground go ever so slightly, especially in dire weather conditions.
They still try. The technology they invested into these rubbers allows them to traverse water pretty decently, so that there’s almost no hydroplaning to worry about. That is an alright performance, well worth its value in dollars.
As of durability, they aren’t especially tough. You can tear them quite simply if you aren’t careful on the road. Under normal circumstances, they do hold for a long while. And after that, you can replace them just as easily.
Overall, a great place with a decent performance to back it up.

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