Mohave tires


Founded: 2015
Founder: Discount Tire Company
Headquarters: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Mohave is a private-label tire brand launched by Discount Tire. The brand’s production is basically oriented towards light SUVs and crossovers. While offered for affordable prices, Mohave tires can boast quite a dependable traction, smooth ride as well as satisfactory longevity.

Who makes Mohave tires? Discount Tire is well-known as a leading tire and wheel retailer. The company evolved from a one-man enterprise into one of the world’s largest tire distributors and now has over 1,000 stores across the United States, offering the widest range of tires from most of the global tire brands.

Arguing the advantages of Mohave tires, the manufacturer highlights their excellent performance, long lifespan, and attractive value. These are certainly good features to equip your car for a long-distance trip without extra costs. To produce these tires, the firm uses a special tread compound and computerized technology ensuring the best driving experience on the road.
Indeed, Mohave tires are most suitable for mid-size cars as they have sufficiently considerable design flexibility allowing you to drive in any weather. The equal sections of the five-rib tread pattern can provide good traction even on wet surfaces, while the circumferential grooves are designed to repel water from the contact patch. With some models, like the Mohave Touring, you can be confident while driving on a snowy road as it is reinforced with special sipes and lateral grooves providing a proper grip.

Where to buy Mohave tires? As Mohave is an exclusive brand of Discount Tire, you can purchase these tires only at the company’s branded stores or by making an order on the Discount Tire official website.

With robust construction, Mohave tires can resist uneven tirewear. You can see a UTQG rating mark on their sidewalls, which is evidence of their high quality approved by DOT. Additionally, these tires are provided with a Discount Tire Certificate guaranteeing that you’ll ride at least 40,000 miles before they are worn.
As mentioned before, Mohave tires are being sold for relatively low prices which is a definite plus, considering all their quality features. The cheapest Mohave Touring A/S costs only $65. That is you can get a set of tires for $260.
In general, Mohave tires are perfect in terms of the price-quality rate. Although they are not designed for too difficult driving conditions, you’ll appreciate their impeccable behavior on city streets or the highway. Choosing proper tires from Discount Tire’s offerings, you should, however, consider in what season you’re going to use them.