Kanati tires


Founded: 2010
Founder: Kanati Tire (Greenball Corporation)
Headquarters: Anaheim, California, USA
Website: https://www.greenballtires.com/brands/kanati

Kanati is a tire brand owned by Greenball, one of the largest tire companies in the United States, that is known for tires for high-performance vehicles. The production of the corporation’s Kanati division is mainly developed for tracks and SUVs to help them take long-distance trips, no matter which road conditions they will meet.

Who makes Kanati tires? Having a long history and a rich experience in tire making, Greenball unites several tire brands, most of which, like Continental or GBC Powersports, won the confidence of ATV enthusiasts. The company’s product range covers a number of segments, including trailers, lawn & garden vehicles, and agricultural machinery.

Beginning from its first bestseller Mud Hog, Kanati has elaborated its own style expressed in unique tire construction and aggressive tread patterns which are fitted for multiple types of terrain. Through thoughtful design features, Kanati tires are equally good on rocks, sand dirt, or mud. Special tread compounds make them highly resistant to puncturing and bruising. Additionally, the DOT certificates applied to these tires guarantee their quality
The increased maneuverability of the Kanati tires is also provided by higher tread voids that result in powerful traction and excellent cornering grip as well as superior self-cleaning. And this will allow you to drive easily, not thinking that you will get stuck somewhere.
The brand’s all-season models, like Trail Hog, feature advanced tread designs that can handle any weather as they are snowflake rated and compatible with #16 winter studs for difficult snow conditions.

Where are Kanati tires are made? Kanati is one of the few Greenball brands that are produced outside the United States. By outsourcing the Kanati production to Indonesia, the company aims to reduce the cost of the tires, making them affordable for customers.

In terms of price, Kanati tires are relatively cheap, compared to the similar ATV/UTV tires from other brands. For instance, you can buy a budget Kanati Mongrel for $85, while the price for the manufacturer’s top models varies in the range between $170 and $300.
Overall, Kanati tires are a good example of a comprehensive approach in the tire industry. The whole combination of the design elements makes them high-performance off-road and smooth riding on the highway. You will undoubtedly appreciate these tires while going on a trip, as they can really surprise you with their optimal behavior on all types of surfaces.