Multi-Mile tires

Multi-Mile tires

Founded: 1983
Founder: TBC Corporation
Headquarters: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA
Parent: TBC Corporation

Multi-Mile is a brand of economic tires (or, as they call it, ‘replacement tires’) from America. They are fine with providing the regular drivers with an alright driving experience. At that, they excel very much.

Who makes Multi Mile tires? MM tires are made by TBC Corporation – one of the biggest tire suppliers in America. That should inspire at least some quality.

Multi-Mile tires provide a really good grip, overall. On dry and moist days, they perform well. However, they are quite notorious for working lousy in snow, ice and in winter generally. They don’t give up, per se, but they often work much worse than they would on a normal sunny day.
Their endurance is a real treat. Evidently, MM has a 50k mileage warranty for these tires. This promise is easy to hold, given how the average life expectancy of these is much higher than 50k (about 70k or 80k, really). However, it all depends on your own style of driving. They are definitely not cut out for racing.

Where are Multi Mile tires made? A lot of these tires are manufactured in America, although it’s unknown exactly where

They aren’t too bad if you value longevity over comfort and practicality in your tires.