Ohtsu FP0612 A/S Tire Review

OHTSU FP0612 AS reviews

The OHTSU FR0612 A/S tires demonstrate better performance than OHTSU FP7000 and many other tire brands. These all-season tires are made of a kind of compound that ensures a longer treadwear, traction and grip year round and in different weather conditions. The tires are intended for SUVs, minivans, small crossovers, sedans and other types of vehicles. The hybrid construction helps them retain good traction, grip and steering on icy, unpaved, and mud-locked roads. Finally, they can be used as Grand touring tires.
These tires deliver a comfortable and silent ride and a highly responsive handling. Given the advantages mentioned above, the affordable price makes it an attraction for drivers from all walks of life. Here is a review of the OHTSU FP0612 A/S tire and why it is the rightest possible choice for any driver.

OHTSU FP0612 A/S – Performance Touring

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The sporty OHTSU FP0612 A/S kills two hares at once: the aesthetic and utilitarian. Many buyers find the asymmetric tread pattern quite so attractive yet effective in countering extreme weather conditions and maintaining stability and balance on various types of roads.
The four circumferential grooves, when in motion, create an effect that drains water from between the tire and the surface. This ensures a more stable contact at any speed and on any type of surface.
Also, there are angled grooves and deeper sipes provide a heavier grip and closer contact with slippery, iced-up and snow-drifted roads. They boast higher durability and stress-resistance thanks to steel belts and a polyester cord body.
The configuration of grooves and blocks provides for a highly satisfying noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) output, as you enjoy a smooth and easy ride without the slightest detriment to speed. This puts OHTSU FP0612 A/S in a category of high-rate all-season tires.

On Wet Roads

As mentioned above, the tires have angled grooves, deep siping and large shoulder blocks provide a better contact, grip and traction on wet and waterlogged roads. Drivers say that steering remains easy and smooth providing they do not push too hard. Those sticking to bolder and more daring driving styles would probably need more horsepower to nail a higher speed. As long as most drivers prefer moderate driving, they say, there are no reasons for them to complain, and at this point OHTSU FP0612 A/S is really worth the price.

On Dry Roads


Many buyers note the strong and firm grip of the OHTSU FP0612 A/S when riding on dry roads. Generally, they say, they have no difficulty maneuvering and say that it is as smooth as many other much more expensive tires. Some note some excessive movements when braking or turning, as well as weird numbness during low-speed rides. Many say that they begin to feel better in all aspects with OHTSU FP0612 A/S when they speed up.

On Snow-Drifted Roads


Nearly all drivers say that the all-season OHTSU FP0612 A/S does well on mildly drifted roads. However, they tend to skid and slip in climates where winters get frosty and snowy, as most drivers say. It is highly advisable to use snow tires, which provide for higher grip and traction.

Comfort Level

Although the OHTSU FP0612 A/S is less comfortable compared to touring tire brands, it is really good for the price. Most drivers find the NVH characteristics satisfactory, although they do confess that they feel tougher and get a little loud on rough roads. Your choice should depend on your individual comfort standard. Needless to say, the OHTSU FP0612 A/S is less than the right choice for a top-class vehicle. However, the tires show a higher comfort level compared to most all-season tires available.

Noise Level


The OHTSU FP0612 A/S tends to do well on dry and wet surfaces and therefore provides for safe and easy driving even for aggressive drivers. However, some buyers say that the tires do make some humming noise at higher speed levels. In fact, they say that this is not a problem at all at a low speed or when driving around a city. However, once you get out of a city and press on the throttle, the noise becomes more pronounced, especially if you are driving a small vehicle.
The OHTSU FP0612 A/S demonstrates decent handling, refinement, smoothness and stability, which, to say nothing of the affordable price, outweigh the little noise issue. Many drivers confess that they have found this combination revolutionary and make no bones about the choice of tires for their vehicles any more.

Summing it up


It is quite a challenge to find a balance between dry- and wet-road performance, traction, road noise, treadwear and the price. Those who seek moderately or low-price products often have to set priorities and make sacrifices. In any event, it is highly advisable to choose the best tire you can afford.
In many aspects, the OHTSU FP0612 A/S has proved to be quite a compromise. Most drivers say that it appears to be great in most of the characteristics described above given the price. It is a good option for sporty cars, crossovers and common types of vehicles.
What drivers really like about it is its all-weather performance, as they have done well on both dry and wet roads. Actually, these are the biggest concerns of most regular drivers living in moderate climates, who need a set of all-season tires at an adequate price. Given the basic characteristics, the OHTSU FP0612 A/S showcases an attractive price/quality ratio, so it appears to be climbing the charts within its category.

Tire Sizes


185 /60 R14 82H SL BSW
185 /65 R14 86H SL BSW
195 /60 R14 86H SL BSW


175 /65 R15 84H SL BSW
195 /65 R15 91H SL BSW
215 /60 R15 94H SL BSW
225 /60 R15 96H SL BSW


205 /60 R16 92H SL BSW
205 /65 R16 95H SL BSW
225 /50 R16 92H SL BSW
225 /55 R16 95V SL BSW
235 /65 R16 103H SL BSW


205 /50 R17 93W XL BSW
215 /50 R17 91V SL BSW
215 /55 R17 94W SL BSW
215 /60 R17 96H SL BSW
215 /65 R17 99H SL BSW
225 /50 R17 94V SL BSW
225 /55 R17 101W XL BSW
225 /60 R17 99H SL BSW
235 /55 R17 99W SL BSW


225 /45 R18 91W SL BSW
225 /50 R18 95W SL BSW