Ohtsu FP7000 Tire Review

OHTSU FP7000 reviews

This post starts with a little preview of why OHTSU FP700 tires are really great. They are because they:

  • do well on wet and dry surfaces
  • provide for an easy, smooth and comfortable ride
  • demonstrate moderate noise at high speed
  • are more affordable than most of their higher-class counterparts

Everyone knows that high quality tires can make a big hole in one’s wallet. It is the case with renowned brands, but not with less expensive ones. Although there are lots of affordable tires that can boast decent traction and low tread wear, many of them do not last long. With
OHTSU FP7000 you high and all-weather and all-season performance, superb traction and low tread wear with a much higher affordability.
Further in this post, I’m going to explain why OHTSU FP7000 is good for compact vehicles and why they do so well on dry, moist and snowy surfaces.

OHTSU FP7000 Tire Review: Who gets the best from it?

OHTSU FP7000 rebate

One thing that makes OHTSU FP7000 a good all-season option is its center rib and sporty non-directional thread pattern. To ensure more effective braking, larger outside shoulder blocks have been added. All this is complemented with deep lateral and circumferential grooves and ensures high traction and grip on dry, wet and snowy roads, as well as smoother and safer maneuvering.
The dual steel belts explain the tires’ ability to withstand heavier loads and make the tires also suitable for small crossovers and minivans, which are larger in size and more heavyweight.
The OHTSU FP7000 is a touring tire that is renowned for a very quiet and smooth ride and a low tire roar level. Combined with easy handling and acceptable braking, this provides a good share of comfort. With the OHTSU FP7000 you can ride hundreds of miles in any weather regardless of road type. The tire has a speed rating of H, V, and W.

How the OHTSU FP7000 works in different situations

This part explains the tire’s behavior and effectiveness on different types of roads, environments and weather conditions.

On Wet Roads

OHTSU FP7000 1

The OHTSU FP7000 tire does not cause any issues on wet roads either and ranks above average in all basic characteristics. It demonstrates a sufficient grip, straightforward movement, responsive braking and handling and effective expulsion of water from between the tire and the surface while driving. Most users say they have no problem when stopping or starting. However, high-speed driving on wet roads can be dangerous and requires a bit of driving experience and expertise. They say they have no difficulty driving on wet roads at average speeds. Finally, the OHTSU FP7000 retains grip at speeds where many other tire types, even more expensive ones, fail. This puts the tire higher on the price/quality ratio charts.

On Dry Roads

There are no problems with the OHTSU FP7000 tire on dry surfaces. The firm grip and decent traction contribute to a sharper and more responsive steering feel. These tires will give you a smooth and subtle ride at a low and medium speed. However, in order to achieve these at higher speeds, and high-speed stability is among your number-ones, you’d better look for a set of ultra-high performance tires. In any event, the OHTSU FP7000 is performance-oriented and will do quite well with normal and regular driving styles on dry surfaces in any season.

On Snowy Roads

The OHTSU FP7000 is an all-season tire and it is supposed to be OK with light snow. However, there has been some negative feedback due to poor traction as long as there is less than a four-to-five-inch layer of snow. At the same time, a couple of simple throttling tricks make it quite OK with ice-covered roads and pavements. The verdict is that if snow performance is a number-one for you, you’d better look elsewhere.


The OHTSU FP7000 seems to meet all basic comfort requirements that are generally set for performance touring tires. Some users say that the tire gives a sensation of superb smoothness on corrugated surfaces and demonstrates premium quality at slow to medium speeds. Also, they say, they do well on poor quality city roads.

Off-Road Performance

The OHTSU FP7000 is a touring performance tire that can do okay on a regular earth road even if it is slightly waterlogged. Drivers have reported acceptable off-road performance at low speeds. It goes without saying that it is not intended for extreme or sporty off-road driving, so you should not expect it to do wonders. One thing that we can say for sure is that it has proved to be a superb on-road option.

Noise Level

The tire has increased shoulder blocks and a solid center rib. This eases the driving in wet and dry weather and adds a good degree of safety. However, you should not expect it to handle extreme sporty driving, because OHTSU FP7000 is designed to meet a moderate touring driving style. In any event, it does provide for a sufficient balance between comfort and handling. It makes one feel perfectly comfortable at low to medium speeds.
As to road noise, the OHTSU FP7000 can create a dubious impression. It tends to be smooth and quiet at low to medium speeds. However, the roar increases as you press the throttle. Most drivers say the noise level does not exceed acceptable levels, although OHTSU FP7000 is not the quietest option. For moderate driving styles, its pluses outweigh the minuses.


OHTSU FP7000 4

To sum it up, the OHTSU FP7000 has confirmed its status of an all-season touring tire. It has shown superb performance on both wet and dry surfaces, as well as on moderately snowed and ice-covered roads. In many aspects, it pars with many highly-priced brands and can be nice saving option. Particularly, it demonstrates a nice steering feel and smoothness. Most likely, it is due to its somewhat sporty tread design. It should be noted, however, that it is a little noisier than most highly priced touring tires, especially at higher speeds. Therefore, the OHTSU FP7000 is not the right thing for you if you hate road noise.
The OHTSU FP7000 is a very nice deal if you have a compact sedan, minivan, coupe, minivan, or a small crossover. These tires are really great for moderate all-season driving and will last longer than many expensive ones.
Thank you much for reading this review. We have collected basic information concerning the tire’s performance on different road types and in different weather conditions. Please, leave your feedback and let us know if you are satisfied with our work!

Tire Sizes


185/60R14 (BLT)
185/65R14 (BLT)
195/60R14 (BLT)


185/65R15 (BLT)
195/55R15 (BLT)
195/60R15 (BLT)
195/65R15 (BLT)
205/50R15 (BLT)
205/60R15 (BLT)
205/65R15 (BLT)
215/60R15 (BLT)
215/65R15 (BLT)
225/60R15 (BLT)


205/50R16 (BLT)
205/55R16 (BLT)
205/60R16 (BLT)
215/55R16 (BLT)
215/60R16 (BLT)
215/65R16 (BLT)
225/50R16 (BLT)
225/55R16 (BLT)
225/60R16 (BLT)
235/60R16 (BLT)
245/50R16 (BLT)


205/40ZR17 (BLT)
205/50R17 (BLT)
215/40R17 (BLT)
215/45R17 (BLT)
215/50R17 (BLT)
215/55R17 (BLT)
225/45R17 (BLT)
225/50R17 (BLT)
225/55R17 (BLT)
225/65R17 (BSW)
235/45R17 (BLT)
235/50R17 (BLT)
245/45R17 (BLT)


225/40R18 (BLT)
225/45R18 (BLT)
225/60R18 (BLT)
235/50ZR18 (BLT)
235/55R18 (BLT)
235/60R18 (BSW)
245/40R18 (BLT)
245/45R18 (BLT)
255/45R18 (BLT)