Ohtsu FP8000 Tire Review

Ohtsu FP8000 Tire Reviews

The Ohtsu FP8000 is an improved version of the Falken 452. Despite the fact that the tire has a different name, the tread pattern remains the same as that of the FK452. Basically, this tire model is no different from its predecessor, apart from the price, which is much lower. This allows drivers to buy quality tires at an affordable price and with good performance.
Thanks to the double tread with three-dimensional curvature, you can confidently reach higher speeds on the highway. In addition, the outer part of the rubber has a large number of grooves for better drainage of water while driving. In addition, the tread pattern and solid center rib enhance comfort when driving on dry surfaces. To minimize the aquaplaning phenomenon, the manufacturer used the rounded edges of the tread shoulders.

Ohtsu FP8000 Tire rebate
The use of a rubber compound in the bead reduces energy loss and rolling resistance, which contributes to quiet operation while driving. At the same time, tires are durable not only because of the material from which they are made but also because of the uniform pressure distribution.
Tires are sold in sizes from 19 to 22 inches.


  1. Solid center rib.
  2. Four annular grooves.
  3. Sealed nylon cap.
  4. Good handling and cornering grip.
  5. Uniform wear.


  1. Noise on bad roads.

Ohtsu FP8000 Tire 1

Thanks to the rebranding, the company has a tire with good performance and an affordable price, making it affordable for drivers on a budget. It won’t be easy for you to find a summer high-performance tire better than the Ohtsu FP8000.
You can praise these tires forever, but let’s talk about the main disadvantages. There is a 90% chance you can expect noise to appear on rough roads and at high speeds. It is also worth mentioning that the tread has a short life, so the more aggressive is your driving, the faster the tire will wear out. Although some drivers may disprove this.
In general, this tire justifies its price and its performance is even better than its price. Of course, it does not match the more famous tire brands, but it will satisfy all the needs of drivers and save the budget.

Price range

Ohtsu FP8000 Tire 2

Prices for these tires start at $ 84 and up.


This model is warranted to wear the first 2/32 inches.

Customer Reviews

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Reviews of the presented model are very good. Many consumers emphasize their durability and reliability at high speeds. Consumers praise the tire’s durability, quiet operation and are pleasantly surprised by the tire’s performance. The product is adapted to all weather conditions and to any type of vehicle, as it is available in various sizes. Among the disadvantages, buyers noted the appearance of noise at high speeds and rapid tread wear.

Tire Sizes


P265/70R15 110S OWL
LT235/75R15 104Q OWL
30/9.5R15LT 104S OWL
31/10.5R15LT 109S OWL


P215/70R16 99S BSW
P235/70R16 104S OWL
P245/70R16 106S OWL
P245/75R16 109S OWL
P255/65R16 106S BSW
P255/70R16 109S OWL
P265/70R16 111S OWL
P265/75R16 114S OWL
LT285/75R16 112Q OWL


245/65R17 107T BSW
265/70R17 113T OWL
P275/60R17 110S OWL


255/55R18 109H BSW
285/60R18 116H BSW


265/50R20 111H BSW
P275/45R20 106H BSW
275/55R20 117H BSW
P275/60R20 114H BSW
285/50R20 112H BSW


265/35R22 102H BSW
265/40R22 106H BSW
305/40R22 114H BSW
P305/45R22 118H BSW


305/35R24 112H BSW


305/30R26 109H BSW