Ohtsu ST5000 Tire Review

Ohtsu ST5000 Tire Reviews

Ohtsu ST5000 tires have been produced specifically for crossovers and SUVs. They are ideal for those looking to save money on products while still gaining high-quality grip and handling.
Engineers focused on the durability of the product and the safety of riding. The tire profile has been designed to effectively prevent aquaplaning, which is often a problem when driving in heavy rainfall. Long grooves and slats effectively drain water to the sides.
Ohtsu ST5000 tires are available in sizes from 15 “to 26”.

Ohtsu ST5000 Tire rebate


  1. Solid center rib.
  2. Annular and side grooves.
  3. All-season grip.
  4. Uniform wear.
  5.  Price.


  1. Driving in winter.

Overall thoughts

Ohtsu ST5000 Tire 1

If we take into account the cost of tires, then this model is quite consistent with its price. Longitudinal and transverse grooves allow more efficient drainage of water and further minimize the risk of aquaplaning. Stable ride comfort is influenced by massive shoulder blocks, which increase traction even in difficult winter conditions.
Product reviews indicate that the presented tire model is especially suitable for city driving, where winters are milder. Therefore, if you live in areas with harsh winters, it is better to purchase a special set of winter tires. Moreover, the quiet operation while driving is gaining increasing acceptance among users.

Ohtsu ST5000 Tire 2
Their use reduces costs and saves time because we can eliminate the need to change tires annually between the summer and winter seasons
Prices for this model start at $ 90 and up.
With the purchase, customers receive a tread warranty for the first 2/32 inches of wear.

Customer Reviews

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Many buyers commented that this is a good product that has good value for money and is reliable regardless of the road conditions. The tires are especially useful on city roads and highways.

Tire Sizes


P265/70R15 110S OWL
LT235/75R15 104Q OWL
30/9.5R15LT 104S OWL
31/10.5R15LT 109S OWL


P215/70R16 99S BSW
P235/70R16 104S OWL
P245/70R16 106S OWL
P245/75R16 109S OWL
P255/65R16 106S BSW
P255/70R16 109S OWL
P265/70R16 111S OWL
P265/75R16 114S OWL
LT285/75R16 112Q OWL


245/65R17 107T BSW
265/70R17 113T OWL
P275/60R17 110S OWL


255/55R18 109H BSW
285/60R18 116H BSW


265/50R20 111H BSW
P275/45R20 106H BSW
275/55R20 117H BSW
P275/60R20 114H BSW
285/50R20 112H BSW


265/35R22 102H BSW
265/40R22 106H BSW
305/40R22 114H BSW
P305/45R22 118H BSW


305/35R24 112H BSW


305/30R26 109H BSW