Patriot tires

Patriot tires

Founded: 2016
Founder: Omni United
Headquarters: Singapore
Parent: Omni United
Patriot is one of the brands within the ‘Omni United’ company, based in Singapore. Inside the family, Patriot is responsible for all-terrain sturdy tires for SUVs and light trucks, although there are also some passenger variants. The all-terrain options, however, compile the bulk of this company’s assortment of goods.

Who makes Patriot tires? The entire practical process of tire creation is in the hands of Omni United. They aren’t known to make any significant blunders in this department.

Despite maintaining a staunch presence in Asia, Patriot is surprisingly determined to make the most off the American market. They are actually created in hopes the Americans will buy these tires to the last. Patriot rubbers are described as ‘military-inspired’. It’s obvious which military inspired them.

Where are Patriot tires made? Much to some people’s dismay, their facilities are almost entirely located in Asia, mainly in Thailand, Indonesia, China and more.

This fact actually makes it clear why they are so economic. They are made with simple yet sturdy technology fit for military use. It doesn’t make them particularly lasting, but they have other advantages to compensate.

Who sells Patriot tires? Patriot has many ‘retail outlets’ across the world, but you can very effectively buy them online, either from them directly or from Amazon.

Where to buy Patriot tires? There are many dealers supported by Omni United in Europe, North America and Asia. Obviously, the bulk of their sales are concentrated in the United States.

So, they don’t last too long. The all-terrain tires are expected to have a mileage of about 50k. The Patriot’s average is about 30k. It’s still a lot, considering you don’t pay much for them.
The grip is superb, you can go virtually anywhere in this, including the deep snow, slush, mud and more. The size is the only thing that might stop you, but there are a lot of tire sizes for you to choose.
Comically, the biggest flaw in these tires, as noted by near every customer, is their loud roaring. They are very noisy even in their element, in mud. But when you try to traverse tarmac and other paved surfaces, they are going to yell. It’s probably intentional, actually.
But then there is an equally comical upside, noted by many. They look very nice, and it’s objectively true. There are 4 main options, and each of them looks artistically valuable. They especially like to be asymmetric and to inspire natural shapes (scales or claw marks).
Patriot tires are amongst the best all-terrain tires you could find. There are almost no real downsides, while the upsides are absolutely terrific. An excellent bargain, overall.