Laufenn tires


Founded: 2014
Founder: Hankook Tire
Headquarters: Seoul, SouthKorea
Parent: Hankook Tire

Laufenn is one Hankook’s most recent brands. Their focus, as claimed by Hankook, is to provide quality tires at an affordable price. They have several of these candidates for all purposes and styles of driving, including even an all-terrain candidate. However, it’s their regular passenger options that get the most attention.

Who makes Laufeen tires? Laufenns are made by Hankook and with the use of their technology. It’s a good thing, because Hankook is a rather old (est. 1941) rubber company and they, in turn, were launched by and had help from Bridgestone.

The pricing itself is not necessarily in the cheapest category, but they are far from being expensive. While it’s a commendable upside, you also need to look at how they behave on the road. And at that, they are alright.
Laufenn tires grip the road pretty firmly for the most part. If you’re going too fast or/and through snowy areas, they are bound to lose some of their control. They were evidently designed for mild winters.

Where are Laufeen tires made? Laufenn tires are made on the Hankook plant in Indonesia. That pretty much explains their affordable pricing.

As for their longevity, it can be cut short very soon if you don’t drive carefully. The sidewalls are pretty soft, for one thing. The tread is also not suited for off-road adventures. It all adds to the comfort during the normal urban driving (as does their relative quietness), but not to longevity.
If you do drive safely, they’ll reach 20.000 km easily. However, you can’t answer for elements, and it might be more prudent to wear something more expensive and versatile in winters.