Phantom tires


Founded: 1997
Founder: Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Manufacturing (Michelin North America)
Headquarters: Naugatuck, Connecticut, USA

Phantom is a private-label tire brand owned by an American subsidiary of the French tire maker Michelin. The brand’s production is mainly intended for SUVs, minivans, and light trucks and is exclusively sold by Discount Tire. Coming from tire manufacturers with a long history and a rich experience, Phantom tires are undoubtedly of the highest quality, offering dependable performance and ride comfort.

Who makes Phantom tires? Established in 1892, Uniroyal is one of the oldest tire manufacturers in the United States and Canada. Since 1990, the company is a part of the Michelin conglomerate. Its product range includes tires for passenger cars, all-terrain vehicles, pickups, and minivans.

Among the brand’s offerings, you can find tires not only for ATVs, but also for crossovers. Such, for instance, the C-Sport that is made with the use of an advanced compound combining synthetic polymers and high-dispersion silica. Being purposely developed to withstand heavy loads and difficult driving conditions, most Phantom tires are certainly distinguished with robust construction. They are equally fitted for driving on off-road and long-distance trips on the highway.
You’ll be able to feel the confident stability of Phantom tires, that is provided a solid center rib, while quick steering response and all-season traction are possible thanks to multiple interlocking sipes on the tread. As a rule, the tires are offered with 15”-16” wheel diameters making them perfect for many models of sport utility vehicles, trucks, or minivans.
Besides, Phantom tires are Y-speed rated, which means they are verified as capable of safely riding up to 186 mph. The higher class of Phantom tires is also supported by a 45,000-mile warranty, and thus, they will serve you longer than ordinary tires that are being sold by most distributors.

Where are Phantom tires made? To produce tires of Michelin-owned brands, including Phantom tires, MNA uses 19 facilities located in Alabama, Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, and South Carolina.

Apart from technology advantages, you will surely appreciate how affordable Phantom tires are. Considering that they belong to the ATV class, their price is a clear plus as the Phantom A/P, for example, costs $90 on average. The C-Sport, the brand’s other model, is a bit more expensive – you may pay at least $120 for a tire, but it’s still less than the price for similar tires from other manufacturers.
Although Phantom tires are not so popular as some other brands’ tires, they are still worth to buy. The fact that the brand is backed by one of the world’s largest manufacturers certainly deserves your attention. These tires demonstrate clear advantages in many respects, including good handling on all types of roads, a long treadlife, and affordable pricing.