Pit Bull tires

Pit Bull_tires

Founded: 1994
Founder: Pit Bull Xtreme RC Company
Headquarters: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Website: https://pitbullrc.com/

Pit Bull is an American tire brand specializing in production of tires for SUVs, trucks as well as power sports vehicles. Belonging to the ATV/UTV segment, Pit Bull tires boast quite an aggressive tread design which will help your car cope with the harshest driving conditions, and the brand’s name itself is intended to symbolize the powerful quality that can please any off-road enthusiast.

Who makes Pit Bull tires? Pit Bull Xtreme RC is a family-owned business that has been on the tire market for more than 70 years. Being a well-known tire manufacturer in the Midwest, the company also sells LED-lights, batteries, suspension units, and other car spare parts.

The brand has successfully made a name for its production in the off-road sector with a range of tires, covering the SUV/track, ATV/UTV, and all-terrain niches. With sturdy double tread patterns, Pit Bull tires can give you a hint what a great performance they can show on difficult surfaces, like gravel, dirt, or mud. Their advanced handling characteristics don’t reduce the traction ability and riding comfort.
The brand’s all-terrain tires, like the PBX A/T Hardcore, feature tight tread patterns made up by quadrilateral tread blocks with multiple sipes and zigzag grooves. Accompanied by strong sidewall protection, this design is specially developed to withstand heavy loads and road unevennesses, and thus, it provides a longer lifespan. In short, the manufacturer has combined the best of the all-terrain and mud models to create this type of tires.
Motorsports enthusiasts may choose the Fang Sport, the Rocker Uber XOR, or the Growler XOR which are distinguished with quite an impressive tread design with a high-void ratio. Such tires feature massive reinforced tread blocks providing maximum stability, gripping, and clean out.

Where are Pit Bull tires made? According to the company, all the original Pit Bull tires are manufactured in the US. As a rule, they come in ½ sizes (26.5, 27.5, 28.5 etc.). Some tires in even sizes (26, 27, 28 etc.) are produced under the Pit Bull Xtreme RC license in China.

Compared to some other ATV/UTV tires, Pit Bull tires are offered at higher prices. The brand’s power sports models cost about $150 on average, while the prices for the premium all-terrain tires are within the range from $300 to $350.
In general, Pit Bull tires earned high praise from experts who highlights the fact that they don’t reveal excessive vibrations or wandering even at high speed. Also, they demonstrate perfect behavior in rainy weather as their siping and wide voids can reduce the risk of hydroplaning. However, you should consider that wide-void tires have less contact area. So, you have to be careful, while braking or entering the turn on a wet road.